enpact Mentoring Guide

Mentoring provides entrepreneurs with numerous benefits for building up their businesses. Entrepreneurs face a wide range of challenges in their endeavour to establish and scale a company. While some of them are generic, others are unique to individual business cases.

Experienced businesspeople acting as mentors are an enormous support to overcome the challenges that
entrepreneurs face. While entrepreneurs could also learn and master challenges themselves, doing so in a mentoring relationship is much more effective. Mentees have the opportunity to benefit from the experiences that other entrepreneurs before them have made and are thus enabled to overcome challenges faster. An outsider’s perspective is valuable, particularly when combined with their experience, and creates inestimable added value.

The focus is a multi-layered horizontal learning and mentoring approach that is based on triangular relationships between young entrepreneurs from different regions who are guided and advised by several mentors from the enpact network. Over the course of nine months, young entrepreneurs benefit from intensive one-on-one mentoring as well as peer-to-peer learning within their group. While the mentors provide their mentees, or enpact fellows, with individual coaching and counselling, strong emphasis is also put on the sharing of experiences and knowledge amongst the fellows themselves. Thus, the enpact mentoring approach is a unique peer-to-peer learning and stimulating method, guided and advised by a large multidisciplinary group of mentors who are able to provide the participants with tailor-made expertise and advice for the business cases presented.

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