Horizontal and vertical exchange among founders is at the core of enpact’s activities.

enpact’s Mentoring Programs enable young founders to create a long-term international network with other business owners, mentors, and experts. Over the course of an eight-month-long program, up to 30 young entrepreneurs work together in groups, accompanied and coached by renowned entrepreneurs from enpact’s international network. The cooperation in sector and development-related groups promotes exchange, horizontal and vertical learning, and the development of sustainable networks – all under the motto “from entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs”.

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West Africa

The first Startup Camp of the International Mentoring Program by enpact took place in Ghana in 2019.

International Mentoring Programme West Africa – 2019/20

01.10.2020- 08.02.2020

International mentoring for the promotion of founders, creation of perspectives and jobs, awareness-raising for personal responsibility, and fight against flight agents in Ghana/West Africa and Europe!

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epMentoring: 9 companies, 3 regions, 1 goal

14.09.2020- 31.03.2021

The epMentoring program empowers entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and social impact through one-on-one mentorship sessions with seasoned founders and tech professionals. In addition to one-on-one mentorship, the program also enables founders to collaborate and network during group workshops, discussions and activities. The program  is implemented in partnership with the empowering people. Network (epN), an initiative of Siemens Stiftung, a non-profit foundation that promotes sustainable social development.

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International Mentoring : Tech-Business-Women Edition – 2020

14.09.2020- 31.03.2021

This is a 8-month mentoring program for women-led, high potential technology businesses. The program aims to strengthen technology focus, scale promising technology businesses globally and foster international partnerships between tech businesses from Africa and Europe. It is an initiative under the Strategic Partnership Digital Africa (SPDA), funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and coordinated by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH.

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International Mentoring Programme West Africa – 2018/19

By the time the second round of our International Mentoring Programme in West Africa rolled around, enpact was well established in Ghana.

15 Ghanaian, 5 Nigerian and 10 European startup founders were selected from over 300 applicants for the second edition of the International Mentoring programme for West Africa.

Once more, we were thrilled to experience the great creativity and synergies that materializes when 45 diverse entrepreneurs, mentors and experts from around the world come together with the purpose to exchange knowledge and create connections.

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Regional Mentoring Programme – Tunisia 2018

18.06.2018- 05.11.2018

The Regional Mentoring Programme was a project that targeted 12 young entrepreneurs and VSEs based in the internal regions of Tunisia. It lasted 5 months, from the end of June 2018 to the beginning of November 2018. The programme aimed to strengthen awareness around entrepreneurship as a career path and support potential entrepreneurs in marginalized regions, with a focus on equipping women entrepreneurs with the tools and skills they need to grow. 

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National Mentoring Programme – Ghana 2018

In 2018, enpact developed a mentoring programme to help the founders of local businesses in Ghana. Over the course of our first year in Ghana, we built a strong network of well-established entrepreneurs and influencers in the startup ecosystem who joined us as mentors and experts for the national mentoring programme. The cohort consisted of 16 young founders who were able to take their ideas to the next stage and launch new businesses in tourism, real estate, education, food and other sectors.

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National Mentoring Programme – Kenya 2018

In 2018, we ran a national mentoring programme with a focus on the Kenyan startup ecosystem. Over the duration of 6 months, we worked closely with 16 entrepreneurs to develop and support their local businesses. The central theme of the programme was ‘the Power of Connecting’ which focused on understanding how to use and expand your network and how to utilize the power of community to develop your product and grow your business.

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International Mentoring Programme East Africa – 2017

Out of over 300 applicants, 30 startups were selected for the first edition of our International Mentoring programme in East Africa. The participating entrepreneurs were from Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda, and Uganda along with 8 entrepreneurs from Europe. 

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International Mentoring Programme West Africa – 2017

enpact launched a new chapter in Sub-Saharan Africa with the International Mentoring Programme in 2017/2018.

The successful model of the International mentoring Programme was brought to West Africa starting 2017. During the 8-months programme, 29 entrepreneurs developed a strong international network, received insights and learnings from mentors and their peers, and were able to improve and grow their businesses. 

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Middle East & Africa

International Mentoring Programme MENA – 2015

01.01.2015- 31.12.2015

The 3rd edition of enpact’s international mentoring programme allowed us to expand our usual format in size, content and geographical scope. We were joined by entrepreneurs from Morocco, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, and Europe. It was our largest group to date; 60 startups, joined by 20 mentors and experts.

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International Mentoring Programme MENA – 2014

New year, new title: “engage – participate – act”, the second round of the international mentoring programme, took place in 2014.

In 2014, the international mentoring programme was yet again implemented under its new title “engage – participate – act”, which is actually the acronym of enpact, after undergoing some administrative and content related changes.

First, starting this year enpact e.V. was fully responsible for all operations, accounting, reporting and monitoring and evaluation. Second, based on the feedback of the first years’ participants, the schedule and setup of the programme witnessed significant changes.

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International Mentoring Programme MENA – 2013

“Class of 2013” – The first edition of the international mentoring programme and the founding stone for enpact.

In 2013, the first ever international mentoring programme was implemented under the title “class of 2013 “, when Matthias Treutwein and Dr. Sebastian Rubatscher met while working on the project for the International Institute of Family Enterprises and The Owners Forum.

The programme participants were 10 Egyptian and 10 Tunisian founders, who were matched with 20 mentors of German family-run businesses, the German Mittelstand and the Berlin startup scene. The first edition featured  study visits to Berlin, Germany and Muscat, Oman, along with ongoing mentoring sessions that were at the core of the programme.

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West Africa


International Mentoring Programme West Africa – 2019

01.07.2019- 30.04.2020

In 2019, we hosted the ninth edition of our International Mentoring Programme for a cohort of West African & European startups. For this edition, 30 entrepreneurs, ten mentors, and three experts participated in the 8-months programme, kicking-off with a five-day bootcamp in Ghana.

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