Entrepreneurship Training Program Implementation Tender (Ukraine)

enpact e.V. wishes to enter into a service contract. The general objective of this tender is to  identify and engage an experienced organization to develop and implement a comprehensive training program for the Ideas Track of the “Just Transition through Entrepreneurship” project.

The program consists of two main phases: the Idea Marathon on July 6-7, 2024, for approximately 200 participants, and a subsequent three-month pre-incubation phase for 75 participants. The selected contractor will develop and deliver online content according to enpact’s framework and manage participant selection and support for the pre-incubation phase. The program languages are English and Ukrainian, with all workshops conducted in Ukrainian.


  • Participant Management, Content Development & Content Delivery for the Ideas Marathon aimed at aspiring entrepreneurs to define problem statements and gain a general understanding of entrepreneurship.
  • Participant Management, Content Development & Content Delivery for the 3-month Pre-Incubator program focused on idea validation and value proposition development.
  • Support in the Consultation Service Package by curating relevant topics and service providers.

The tenderer is expected to have:

  • Experience in developing early-stage entrepreneurship training programs
  • Demonstrate a track record of implementing online programs for 75+ participants
  • Understanding of the entrepreneurship landscape and regional circumstances of the target regions in Ukraine
  • High proficiency in English and Ukrainian

Geographic Scope

Potential tenderers may be agencies, companies, freelancers, etc. which are located and registered in any location. Due to the specific focus of this call for tenders, Ukrainian-based tenderers are preferred. 

Starting Date for the Contract and Duration

It is expected that the service contract will be signed by 26 June 2024 and run until the end of November 2024.

The contract shall enter into force on the date on which it is signed by the last contracting party. The duration of the tasks and deliverables shall not exceed 30 November 2024. The execution of the deliverables shall not start before the contract has been signed or before the specific date specified in the contract.


Any entity wishing to respond to this call for tenders may submit a financial offer and a technical offer in English, which cover the approach and services they can provide for the expected contract duration. 

Accordingly, all offers must include the following components to be eligible:

  • A general concept for how the tenderer will deliver on the expected deliverables. This must include a price covering all the services foreseen in the concept. This price shall be considered the price ceiling that the tenderer is proposing.
  • A price list, which states the unit price for all foreseen deliverables.
  • The tenderer should propose a suitable project team for the contract implementation. 

Click here to download the tender for the full deliverables, eligibility criteria and process.

Offers are accepted until Monday, 24 June 2024, at 09.00 am (CEST) and must be submitted by e-mail to eu@enpact.org with the subject line ‘Offer for tender [49D-0524-505] – Company Name’

Please submit any questions regarding this call for tenders to eu@enpact.org with the subject line referencing ‘Tender [49D-0524-505]’ until 17 June 2024, at 8 am (CEST). All received questions and answers will be made public on enpact website to ensure equal availability of information to all interested applicants.

We will hold an information session on Monday, June 17th at 3pm (CEST), to address any questions regarding the tender. Please register here if you are interested in participating in the info session.

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