Corporate Innovation

Corporate Innovation

The most forward-thinking corporates across the globe are utilizing innovative ideas coming from startups. Either to tackle crucial challenges, scale their business, or to stay ahead of the competition. In today’s world, startups with fresh perspectives and backed by investment are finding opportunities to upend entire industries with innovative technologies and new business models. 

We at enpact see startups as powerful agents of change, especially in emerging markets, where we foster innovation with the aim of creating sustainable businesses. Besides not being invested in the status quo, they can easily pivot to new products and adopt entirely new business models. From an agility standpoint, big companies just can’t compete.

A successful corporate-startup engagement requires a comprehensive understanding of value chain transformation and business development processes. We work to facilitate this process, serving both sides and creating a win-win-situation. Corporates get impetus to innovation in a resourceful and effective manner. Startups get access to business opportunities and thereby gain maturity and reputation. Depending on budget availability and ambitions, we offer different formats ranging from startup scouting and innovation challenges to corporate accelerator programs. 

We guide corporates on their innovation journey.


Interested in getting involved in creating a project to drive your company’s growth forward?

You can reach out to our Head of Corporate Innovation, Matthias Schmidt-Rex: msr@enpact.org



Innovation Challenge in Bangkok-Thailand

01.11.2019- 01.06.2021

Together with leading Thai agro-industrial and food conglomerate, CP Foods, enpact scouted promising early-stage startups and facilitated a collaboration process to tackle internal challenges with innovative solutions.

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Innovation Challenge in Lagos-Nigeria

01.01.2019- 31.12.2020

The innovation challenge focused on promoting responsible and impact investments, with a focus on transferring green technologies from Germany to SMEs in emerging economics.

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