Multi-Stakeholder Lab

Intensive training and solution-oriented curriculum for future leaders from different sectors.

The Multi-Stakeholder Lab (MSL) builds bridges between sectors and brings together different actors that have the potential to make change happen. For this, change-makers from the different sectors (public and private sector, academia, civil society) are invited to participate in the MSL. This facilitates an improved understanding of pain and gain points, and develops joint solutions. All actors benefit from building cross-sectoral personal networks. 

The interactive MSL takes place on five weekends, over the course of five months. At the core are cross-sectoral study groups, consisting of one participant per sector. For each workshop weekend, experts provide input on a specific subject (strategy, stakeholder engagement, etc.). Then, the work groups jointly focus on pre-defined tasks to elaborate on solutions for transferring the issue from theory to the specific practical challenges they face.

The MSL is organised like a mini-master study class. The work groups ultimately develop a concrete project or solution ready to be realised or applied in the near future. Upon completion, each participant of the MSL gains a much better understanding of pain and gain points of actors from other sectors. All participants have worked on joint solutions for specific problems. Thus, mutual understanding is enhanced, trust is built, and cross-sectoral personal networks are created.

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