Executing online events like hackathons, conferences or challenges

Online Events

Enpact Online Events

Co-creation and collaboration over borders and distances without the hassle of travel-time and extended organizing-cost enable for new opportunities and outreach. Especially during times of pandemic crisis.

While also offering tech-solutions, our main focus as a non-profit NGO is in organizing and facilitating outstanding events with long-lasting learning-, collaboration- and networking capabilities between humans everywhere on the planet.

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Technical Solution

We are not the usual SAAS-platform that offers one standard solution that should fit-all and individual approaches are as impossible as getting somebody from support on the phone. We do not strive for scalability. We are following a bespoke event-agency like approach.

We have created a set of technical tools that we customize onto our partners specific needs after developing the event’s concept in joint collaboration. These tools include but are not limited to:

  • The participation management tool allows organizers to follow through the sign-up process, sort and screen applicants and allows for real-time dashboard statistics.
  • The team-finding tool lets participants match their personal skills against open positions in teams, allows communication on topic and introduces team goals and current members.
  • The collaboration tool allows teams to communicate, store data, assign tasks and meetings and document their work. The collaboration tool stays open after the event and can continuously be used by their members.
  • The mentor tool organizes time slots and meeting facilitation between mentors and teams. Teams can request mentors and sign in for available mentor time slots. Discussions between mentors and teams can be made available to other teams or kept private.
  • The scoring tool helps judges (or teams) to rate teams and ideas based on organizer customizable metrics for winner selection. Additionally, the tool allows for written judge feedback on teams or individual sub-matrix.
  • Dashboards give real-time insight into activities on the platform, allow to see metrics and evaluate data.

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