A collection of training materials from the whole enpact product portfolio.

The toolbox serves as an online education and learning platform. Here, all training materials from the whole enpact product portfolio are made accessible. Through this, startups, entrepreneurs, and supporting actors are provided with an easy-to-access tool, where they can access comprehensive theoretical knowledge and training materials related to entrepreneurship. The toolbox collects existing workshop materials from enpact programmes, and blends it with various learning units and relevant content from partners. Alumni have permanent access to these resources.

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The focus of the initial content will be on essential topics like strategy, marketing, finance, organizational development, HR, economic thinking, UX design, canvas business model, lean startup methodology, etc. These courses are clustered based on different levels of knowledge and expertise of the learners. Thus, it acts as a guide and support to entrepreneurs at all stages of their entrepreneurial journey, as well as to educate individual supporters such as mentors or coaches.

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