mission statement

We believe in the power of entrepreneurship as a vehicle to create economic and social prosperity for societies in emerging and developing countries

enpact is a Berlin-headquartered non-profit organisation empowering entrepreneurship, ecosystems and international cooperation. The organization was founded in 2013 with the goal of promoting entrepreneurship in emerging and developing countries. enpact supports young entrepreneurs and ecosystem actors from the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America through a variety of products clustered in three business areas: entrepreneurial support, organisational support and data & research.

Among its flagship products are mentoring programmes, capacity building programmes, coworking spaces, delegations, data-based consulting, as well as analysing and evaluating the founder-friendliness of cities.

At present, enpact’s network consists of 2500+ startups, 600+ mentors and experts and 150+ support organisations in 30+ countries. 10000+ jobs have been created as a direct result of enpact’s work with startups.

We follow a code of conduct and set of values to create meaningful impact and a workplace where people can maximize their potential.

Empowerment. We empower entrepreneurs, ecosystems, and international cooperation to tap into their full potential.

Adaptability. We adapt with agility and flexibility according to needs, circumstances, and local conditions.

Co-Creation. We co-create long-term positive impact in collaboration with all our stakeholders.

Trust. We believe in trust as the glue and foundation of all our relationships.

Appreciation. We embody and foster a culture of appreciation for one another.

Integrity. We adhere to the highest standards of moral behavior in all our interactions.


enpact’s activities focus on three core areas:

Entrepreneurial Support empowers entrepreneurs at all stages of development. enpact provides founders with a tailored approach that prioritizes knowledge exchange with peers – from entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. This allows founders to further their business acumen and achieve sustainable economic growth. 

Data & Research empowers startup ecosystems. Using a proprietary framework – The Startup Friendliness Index – enpact analyses cities and their entrepreneurial ecosystems. The resulting data enables the formulation of policy recommendations and monitoring of the efficacy of international development.  

Organizational Support empowers organizations and individuals that support entrepreneurship and economic development. It offers a diverse portfolio of capacity-building services, training, and funding with a strong focus on the horizontal and vertical exchange of knowledge, expertise, and networks.

In each of these areas, a wide variety of innovative products and components, such as boot camps, ecosystem expeditions, city reports, and capacity-building labs, are utilized. enpact also creates co-working spaces as the physical platforms that connect startup scenes worldwide. These spaces are a melting pot of enpact’s activities.

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