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Supporting 330 businesses to overcome the COVID-19 crisis!

Empowering Entrepreneurship Initiative

As part of the initiative, 330 businesses across Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Indonesia, Jordan and Mexico are receiving dedicated mentoring, financial backing and business development support to survive and thrive during the crisis!

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And They Rise – The Fabulous Woman Network Ensures It Doesn’t Get Lonely at the Top

Ama Duncan, Founder of Fabulous Woman Network, reflects on her experience with empowering women in business and building a strong growth community.




How to Build a More Productive Meetings Culture

Use this guide to make meetings more productive, remove the stress of constant calls from your schedule, and build a healthier work environment!




empower: a new magazine from enpact

Take a look at our recent publication, the new 'empower' magazine, showcasing the power of the Startup Friendliness Index (SFI)!

Startup Friendliness Index

enpact Data & Research assesses entrepreneurial ecosystems based on 80 indicators in more than 60 cities globally


Current Projects

01/08/2020- 31/03/2021

Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Indonesia and Jordan

COVID-19 Relief Program

The COVID-19 Relief Program kicked-off in Egypt, Jordan, Ghana, Kenya and Indonesia with 600+ participants across 200 businesses. Over the next 6 months, they will receive dedicated mentoring, financial backing, and business development resources!

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01/09/2020- 30/04/2021

Mexico, Jordan, Kenya, Indonesia

COVID-19 Relief Program for Tourism

The COVID-19 Relief Program for Tourism is supporting travel and tourism businesses in Mexico, Kenya, Indonesia and Jordan to rebuild and overcome the challenges of the pandemic.

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10/08/2020- 30/06/2021


Program Designers' Lab India

The second round of enpact's PDL in India, focused on providing program development support to ecosystem enablers - from project idea conception, fundraising, stakeholder management, marketing, as well as monitoring & evaluation.

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01/04/2020- 31/12/2020


Clinical Innovation Fellowship (CIF) Egypt 2021

The Clinical Innovation Fellowship is an 8-month health innovation scholarship starting June 2021 that provides participants the opportunity to work in a transdisciplinary team to create solutions based on verified healthcare needs.

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07/01/2021- 31/10/2021


Train the Mentor Senegal

Le programme Train the Mentor offre une compréhension approfondie du mentorat et de ce qui le distingue du coaching ou du conseil.

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