Empowering Entrepreneurship Initiative

About the Empowering Entrepreneurship Initiative

The Empowering Entrepreneurship Initiative was created to provide direct support for entrepreneurs in emerging markets. Derived from a number of our portfolio products, the Empowering Entrepreneurship Initiative provides innovative businesses with a curated combination of mentoring, workshops, network building and direct financial support.

EEI in numbers

  • 330

    Businesses supported in Egypt, Mexico, Ghana, Kenya, Indonesia, and Jordan through dedicated mentoring, financial backing and business development training since the inception of the program in 2020.

  • 957

    Entrepreneurs took part in the virtual learning program and one-on-one mentoring towards becoming resilient leaders and overcoming the challenges of the pandemic.

  • 3701

    Jobs preserved through the support of the COVID-19 Relief Program and the COVID-19 Relief Program for Tourism.

  • 9493

    Suppliers/providers Suppliers/Providers supported through the work of the Empowering Entrepreneurship Initiative community.

enpact's biggest support programme yet!

The Tourism Recovery Programme!

The Tourism Recovery Programme is providing dedicated mentoring, financial support and business development training to 315 businesses in Egypt, Mexico, South Africa and Kenya. In October, the programme expanded to support up to 100 businesses in Tunisia.

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How it works

The entrepreneurship initiative follows six main steps

  • Application Process

    The application process is carried out over 3 rounds. To complete the first round, fill the online form that validates your eligibility for the program. If selected for the 2nd round, you will receive a link to a second form to provide more details on your business. If you’re selected for the 3rd round, you will receive a 30-minute interview appointment.

  • Selection Process

    Based on the interview and the application, your business receives a score out of 5 that is calculated based on weighted assessment of different selection criteria. You can learn about a program’s criteria, their definitions and relative weight on the program page.

  • Virtual Learning Platform

    For the first half of the programme, you will take part in monthly training sessions, live discussions, local workshops and weekly resources on resilient leadership, sustainability, innovation and digital transformation.

  • Financial Support

    For the 6 months programme duration, your team will receive direct  financial support of up to 9,000 Euros over a duration of 6 months to sustain your operations and support your product/service development and growth.

  • Mentoring

    For the second half of the programme, you will be matched with a dedicated mentor from TUI Group and international experts in the tourism industry to guide you through the unique challenges of your business.

  • Alumni & Community

    Following the successful completion of the program, you will become part of the Empowering Entrepreneurship Initiative’s alumni network and receive access to perks, networking opportunities, and continued support from the enpact team.


Ama Duncan, Fabulous Women Network, Ghana

“Of course, having the support of enpact and the Empowering Entrepreneurship Initiative has been a miraculous game changer.”

Sonja Teruel, Totonal Viajes, Mexico

“During the programme, we prepared a lot, especially about what to do when visitors come back and how we can make them feel safe. We are now working to create nice experiences around regenerative tourism and reconnecting with nature.”

Rola Fayyad, ViaVii, Jordan

“Through enpact, we managed to connect to four communities globally and we are currently working with them in order to digitally transfer their experiences to the world.”


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