Our work with support organizations

  • 10 cohorts supported
  • 12 countries supported
  • €200k direct funding provided

enpact supports organizations and individuals that promote entrepreneurship and economic development. Our approach for organizations combines financial support, program design training, team building and leadership development. 

All projects
  • 10 cohorts supported
  • 12 countries supported
  • €200k direct funding provided

Types of support

Financial support

We facilitate direct and timely financial support to innovative programs. This contributes to developing their solutions, empowering their target groups and thus growing their impact. 

Program design

We strongly believe that the organizations on the ground know best what to do to push change forward. To leverage their exposure and support them in raising funds, we offer training and e-learning courses on project idea development, stakeholder and KPI mapping, participant acquisition, sustainability roadmap, funding access, reporting, marketing, networking and M&E.

Network development

Our approach to development emphasizes horizontal learning. We offer a variety of platforms where you can connect – with other entrepreneurship enablers, entrepreneurs, investors and potential partners that can enhance your programs and support your participants.

Dedicated mentoring

We connect entrepreneurship enablers, organization leaders and program managers with dedicated mentors. Our matching creates mutual benefits via an exchange on eye level that is based on the organizations’ specific needs and development stage to overcome their unique challenges. 

Tools and resources

We offer a collection of resources that help organizations on their development journey. This includes curated learning content, access to tools to improve their project management, and access to community platforms.

Working with support organizations leverages the impact of our approach.

We are committed to sharing our experiences and resources. Working with organizations around the world leverages our own impact by supporting them to tackle pressing societal challenges or advocate for sustainable development. Through program design training and mentoring, organizations can avoid reinventing the wheel. Through financial support and access to networks and tools, they can implement their solutions better and further their impact.

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