Support for entrepreneurs

  • 15,000+ jobs created
  • 3,200+ businesses supported
  • 6.8M € paid in direct support

enpact supports entrepreneurs and businesses to achieve sustainable growth. Our approach combines financial support, capacity building, dedicated mentoring and network development. 

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  • 15,000+ jobs created
  • 3,200+ businesses supported
  • 6.8M € paid in direct support

Types of support

Direct financial support

We provide direct financial support for entrepreneurs and businesses to maintain their operations and grow.

Capacity building

We offer training sessions and e-learning courses that are based on the needs identified by our participants. They include a large variety of competencies such as leadership, resilience, sustainability as well as industry-based focus topics.

Network development

At enpact, we strongly believe in horizontal learning. We offer a variety of platforms where you can connect – with other entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship enablers, investors and potential partners.

Tools and resources

We offer a a collection of resources that help entrepreneurs on their development journey. This includes curated learning content, access to tools to improve their business management, and access to community platforms.

Dedicated mentoring

We connect entrepreneurs with dedicated mentors. Our matchmaking creates mutual benefits via an exchange on eye level that is based on the business’ specific needs and development stage to overcome their unique challenges. 

Market access 

We organize market access and networking opportunities for entrepreneurs to facilitate partnerships and global expansions.

We’ve delivered nearly €7M in direct financial support in the last 2 years.

Map of the world highlighting enpacts active regions

Support has to go to the right people to be truly impactful. We believe that the right people are entrepreneurs – the ones who are taking risks and doing the work to create change. Through our programs, we have paid out nearly 7 million Euros directly to entrepreneurs. This type of support enabled them to build better businesses and overcome barriers and challenges. This approach tackles global development challenges and creates opportunities in communities around the world.

Map of the world highlighting enpacts active regions

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