Graphic Design Tender

enpact e.V. wishes to enter into a service contract. The general objective of this tender is to support enpact in the area of graphic design.

This includes the development and design of enpact’s communications and marketing materials for different products, for online and offline use.   

It is mandatory that all outputs produced follow the already existing visual identity and style guidelines of enpact e.V. 


Upon selection, the successful candidate will become enpact’s official graphic design service provider to contact for any support for the design of materials.. Services will include, but are not limited to:

Brand assets: 

  • Design and/or update enpact’s brand assets including: Brand guidelines, logo design for enpact’s products, icons, business cards, and letterheads 
  • Design and/or update enpact’s branded merchandise including: Roll-ups, Banners, Gift bags, notebooks, and stickers

Digital Marketing & Social media:

  • Development of editable social media templates for enpact’s projects and activities across Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Development of social media headers and banners for pages and events
  • Development of social media designs for events, activities and announcements as needed in alignment with enpact’s editorial calendar 
  • Development of quarterly, weekly and project-based newsletter designs
  • Development of animated social media designs in .GIF or .MP4 formats


  • Design brochures for enpact’s different projects and activities for digital and print distribution 
  • Design flyers for enpact’s different projects and activities for digital and print distribution


  • Design headers, infographics, graphs and photo collages optimized for web 
  • Optimize portraits of enpact team, partners, stakeholders, entrepreneurs, and supporters for web
  • Provide UX/UI input and create mock web design layouts and wireframes


  • Design presentation template for enpact in different formats as needed 
  • Design and optimize enpact’s pitch deck and company profile 
  • Design presentation decks for enpact’s different products and projects
  • Design fact sheets and proposal documents for enpact’s different projects
  • Support design of presentations and documents as needed

Design workflow management: 

  • Support in optimizing design workflow and processes within enpact 
  • Support in process documentation and organization of assets and deliverables

It is mandatory that all outputs produced follow the already existing visual identity and style guidelines for enpact e.V. When there is a fundamental change proposed in the existing visual identity and style guidelines, written approval is necessary. The deliverables are reliant on spontaneous requests from the contracting authority. As such, it is expected that the tenderer provides in their service an offer a price list where each service relevant to those deliverables is listed.

Geographic Scope

Potential tenderers may be agencies, companies, freelancers, etc. which are located and registered in any location. 

Starting Date for the Contract and Duration

It is expected that the service contract will be signed in July 2021.

The contract shall enter into force on the date on which it is signed by the last contracting party. The duration of the tasks and deliverables shall not exceed June 2023. The execution of the deliverables shall not start before the contract has been signed or before the specific date specified in the contract. The expected minimum workload per month is 15 days. 


The tenderer is requested to provide in their service offer a price overview for the hourly rate based on the relevant positions for the identified deliverables:

Position: Graphic Designer

Years of relevant experience: Minimum 2 years

Related tasks: Design work including brochures, flyers, marketing collaterals, social media visuals & newsletters

Click here to download the tender for the full eligibility criteria and process. 

Offers are accepted until Wednesday, June 30 at 23:59 (Berlin Time – CEST) and should be submitted by e-mail to with the subject line: graphic design tender – name of submitting entity/person.

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