enpact is looking for anticorruption blockchain research working student.

Anticorruption Blockchain Research Working Student

enpact is a Berlin-headquartered non-profit organization empowering entrepreneurship, ecosystems, and international cooperation.

enpact is one of the world leaders in the cultivation of startup ecosystems as a means to promote international cooperation and development. Through a variety of products and services, enpact supports founders and startups in Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. The goal is to create a global network of startup ecosystems that facilitates the exchange of ideas, solutions, and support.

About the project

The internship will be to work together with U4, the anti-corruption resource center that has studied how corruption threatens development outcomes since 2003. With your work, you will help to reduce the harmful impact of corruption on society and you will share research and evidence to help international development actors get sustainable results.

Together with global research networks and practitioners, you will help to pursue relevant emerging topics and advance the anti-corruption field. Specifically, for this internship, you will be doing research on how Blockchain solutions can help fight corruption in the current ongoing global distribution process of the COVID vaccine.

This internship is a great opportunity if you are interested in gaining first-hand experience in public policy research and consulting. Candidates who already have a graduate degree (master’s or equivalent) and are not currently enrolled at a university are not eligible to apply for our internship program.

Working Student m/w/d

Ideally, your profile covers some of the following:

  • You already have experience writing research papers (example of the needed writing style)
  • You have experience in the field of private companies helping to solve public problems
  • You are proficient in data preparation and presentation
  • You bring a set of quantitative and qualitative skills
  • You have experience drafting standardized surveys
  • You have experience conducting semi-structured interviews and focus group discussions
  • You have in-depth knowledge of Blockchain and its limitations (you understand it is not a silver bullet and you are familiar with the Right to be Forgotten)
  • You can perform interviews to interviewees with diverse backgrounds from academia to businessperson

Within your work, at enpact in this position, you will be available to gain insights on:

    • The understanding and involvement in the German and European startup culture
    • To compare the non-profit vs the for-profit styles of operating
    • To embark on the research of relevant and attractive subjects
    • To collaborate with the U4 Anticorruption Resource Center
    • Drawing up surveys and conceptualizing data collection methods
    • Data preparation for M&E reports


  • You need to be enrolled as an active student or doing a professional year
  • You have near-native English language skills (Spanish is highly desired)
  • You are able to adapt to changing circumstances
  • You have some business evaluation experience
  • You have a strong interest in research


Please fill out this form (which includes uploading your CV and any example that you might have of a
research paper you have written).

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