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In 2023, enpact established a charitable foundation, with the goal of being able to mobilize direct and immediate financial support and promote sustainable entrepreneurship. In the first year of the foundation, we want to go back to our roots and the most impactful thing we have built to date – our community. Together, we can create opportunities for more entrepreneurs, and provide more direct, immediate and actionable support.

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enpact's Direct Response Fund

We are setting up enpact’s Direct Response Fund for entrepreneurs and small business owners around the world whose livelihoods and work has been affected by situations of crisis and uncertainty. The aim of the fund is to fight economic inequality through ensuring the presence of resources and support for those who need it regardless of where they are based or where they are from. 

By contributing to the fund, you can help maintain and secure jobs, create opportunities and improve employability for youth in emerging markets, and solve pressing sustainability challenges around the world.

Why support small businesses?  

SMEs account for 90% of all businesses worldwide and are responsible for creating 60-70% of all jobs, according to the International Council for Small Businesses ICSB. In emerging economies, small and local businesses are the very foundation of the country’s economic well-being and financial independence. 

What can we achieve with your support?

Through direct financial support to entrepreneurs, training, mentoring and network access, enpact helps entrepreneurs and small businesses to survive in times of crisis and thrive in the aftermath. Here is the type of impact we can maximize and scale with your support:

Direct support for entrepreneurs 

Through four Crisis Relief and Resilience programs in three years, we have provided over direct financial support to 2,333 entrepreneurs and small business owners across nine countries.

Creating and preserving jobs

The support enabled the entrepreneurs to create and preserve a total of 6,605 jobs, and continue working with a total of 7,209 other suppliers and small businesses. The ripple effect is undeniable; the work of one entrepreneur empowers their whole community.

Removing systemic barriers to growth

We are committed to promoting equity; our programs help to level the playing field by combining financial support with access to information and international connections. In 2022, we delivered over 2,113 hours of training, mentoring and market access sessions

Empowering entrepreneurs to be future role models 

By enabling entrepreneurs to survive and thrive despite situations of crisis, you help encourage future entrepreneurs to build their own businesses through seeing the success of role models in their markets.

Provide long-term solutions to mitigate long-term effects

When small businesses not only remain operational but are also given the tools to be resilient to future crisis situation, the financial recovery and independence of the economy as a whole is accelerated.

Meet the entrepreneurs

Ready to support our mission?

We thank you for your interest in supporting our work! Your contribution will help create real change, from wherever you are in the world. You can choose direct debit, credit card, Google Pay or via a bank transfer. You can become a monthly contributor, or you can support us with a one-time contribution to enpact’s Direct Response Fund. Every contribution whatever the size or frequency, makes a difference.

If you would like to find out more about the foundation, our work, or the process of providing a contribution, please reach out to us via with your questions or to book a donor call.

How does it work?

Having a dedicated, independent fund enables us to quickly mobilize support for entrepreneurs in situations of crisis. With your support, we can reduce an average of program set-up time of 7 to 9 months to a matter of two months. Entrepreneurs are then able to better avoid closures, put together a timely plan for long-term resilience, and adapt their businesses to overcome the impact of the crisis and offer support to their communities through it.

In our crisis relief and resilience programs, we strive to achieve and maintain a ratio of up to 80% of the program funding going directly to the entrepreneurs and small business owners participating in the program. The remaining funds are utilized for the operational expenses needed to develop and implement the program and its different components; training, mentoring, network development and access to resources. 

The entrepreneurs receive direct financial support to assist with living expenses and business expenses. Through this financial support, they are able to maintain their operations and keep the jobs that they created through their companies. They take part in a tailored training curriculum and access to e-learning resources on how to build resilient businesses that can better adapt to situations of crisis and uncertainty, along with access to budgets for technical expertise and a wider international network of peers and mentors in different industries and markets through regular events and checkpoints. The entrepreneurs also receive dedicated mentoring with international experts based on their own business challenges.

All contributions are tax deductible in Germany. Once you contribute, you will automatically receive a donation certificate that you can present to your tax authorities. Please check with your tax advisor whether the donation is eligible for a tax deduction in your country. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to us via

Your contribution is to enpact Stiftung, a charitable foundation under civil law with legal capacity, in Berlin, Germany. enpact Stiftung is supervised under the authority of the State of Berlin, Department for Justice, Diversity and Anti-Discrimination (Transparency registry for Berlin, No. SPR_100152). Financial reports and annual reports are publicly available. Moreover, once you contribute, you can opt-in to receive regular, personalized updates about how your specific contribution is being utilized and the impact that it has created.

We encourage all means of contribution, and want to make it easier for you to make a difference in a number of ways. Aside from direct contribution, you can reach out to us for collaborations, become a community or strategic partner, or become a mentor or expert with our programs. Learn more here.

The fund goes to support entrepreneurs that have already established their businesses and already validated their business models and gained traction prior to the unforeseen circumstances that affected their business continuity. The support they receive through the fund reduces the immediate risk and gives entrepreneurs the breathing room to find alternatives ways to adapt their products and services. Since 2020, 0ver 92.13% of businesses funded through enpact’s crisis relief and resilience programs have remained operational after the program has ended according to our post-program evaluation. 

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