Tourism Recovery Programme Resources

Tourism Recovery Programme Resources

Through this page, you’ll be able to find resources to support you along your Tourism Recovery Programme journey.

What are the components of the programme?

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  • Expert sessions

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  • Dedicated Mentoring

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  • Atingi Platform

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  • Workplace Group

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Atingi Troubleshooting

How can I use Atingi?

Technical support – in other words: training – is an integral part of the Tourism Recovery Programme. The biggest share of this happens through self-paced learning on the online platform Atingi.

All focus topics will be presented to you on this platform, which will guide you step-by-step through the learning process and the monthly assignments. As the training component is a mandatory part of the programme, all three team members must sign up to the platform and complete all chapters of the monthly topic (this will be tracked). The assignment on the other hand must only be completed once per business and is to be uploaded by the team lead.

Please note that the financial support is directly linked to the completion of both the Atingi course by each participant and oneassignment by the business. 

Download the step-by-step manual here.

How can I register on Atingi? (Tourism Recovery Programme)

How can I register on Atingi? (Tourism Recovery Programme in Tunisia)

Monthly Reporting

What is the monthly report?

The main goal of this program is to support you and your business during the difficult times the COVID-19 crisis has caused.

Your collaboration by consciously filling out the monthly report is crucial to measure the impact the program has on your business, as well as to identify which project components have a particularly positive effect on your business.

Finally, it gives us highly relevant information to identify which project components we can improve in future projects and increase our impact in your entrepreneurial ecosystem.

How do I submit it?

You will receive an e-mail every month with a UNIQUE link generated by our system to submit your monthly support. Please note that you cannot share this link with other team members as each of you (meaning all 3 team members in the Tourism Recovery Programme) have to submit an individual report.

You can watch the video below for a step-by-step process to submitting your monthly report.

What can I do if I can’t submit on time?

The monthly report submission is linked to your financial support. Please note that any delay in submitting your monthly report will lead to an automatic delay in your financial support for the next month. If you are unable to submit the monthly report on time for an external reason, emergency or technical difficulties, please make sure to notify your country team or ahead of the deadline.

Financial Support

How can I confirm my test transfer?

We will share with you a form to confirm the receipt of your test transfer. Please check your inbox, including the spam folder. If you have not received the email, please reach out to

Why do I need to confirm my test transfer?

In order to validate the bank details you have submitted, you need to confirm that the test transfer reflects on your personal account. This process is to ensure that the financial support reaches you safely. 

I didn’t receive my financial support for this month, what can I do?

This means that you have not completed the programme requirements. At the end of the month, you receive an email that states the reasons why we had to pause your payments. Please make sure that you and your team address the missing tasks. 


How do the assignments help my business?

“What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” The assignments were created together with our experts to empower you & your team to work on your business and fundamental aspects of it from the inside out. Enjoy the process!

How do I submit the assignment?

For every focus topic, you will find the final assignment as a .pdf file that you can download and either work digitally on (*recommended) or print and scan/upload the result. There are tons of free tools to edit PDFs online like [this] or [this] (*you can also copy to a text editor of your choice and convert it back instead).

For the 1st Assignment, there are 2 TASKS: 1) Leadership Self-Assessment & 2) Leadership Compass.

For the 2nd task, try to be as creative as possible: You might want to use visuals like mind maps or an infograph-style image or just write it down as an essay. There is no right or wrong, here. Go for the option that suits you and your team best.

Who has to submit it?

Assignments are generally conceived as group tasks. Ideally, Team Leads and Team Members sit down (virtually or physically) to discuss the tasks that must be completed. Start by exchanging ideas, opinions & feedback with regard to the videos & given materials.

Once finalized, the Team Lead submits the assignment on Atingi using the correct link (by country; see screenshot below).

Where do I submit it?

On Atingi = our learning platform for this program.

If you have never heard about “Atingi” before or still have technical issues, NOW is the time to reach out to your Country Leads.

What can I do if I can’t submit on time?

Please note that the monthly financial support is linked to your assignment. As a general rule, a missed assignment leads to a delay in your financial support. For example, if you submit your January assignment after its deadline, you will receive your financial support with a month delay.

To avoid delays and complications, we encourage you to ALWAYS submit your assignment on time. If you are unable to submit for an external reason, emergency or technical difficulty, make sure that you contact your country team or and notify us ahead of the deadline.


Why do I need to sign up on Workplace?

Workplace is our community platform where you can: 

  • Get inspired and exchange ideas with a community of like-minded, passionate entrepreneurs just like YOU!
  • Discuss contents of the online course, workshops and expert videos or topics of your interest
  • Present yourself and showcase your business and what drives you personally
  • Network with other participants in the programme and the enpact team

What should I post on Workplace?

Please feel free to use Workplace to share and showcase your work, start discussions, and create partnerships and collaborations with your fellow participants across the different countries. Here are a few examples: 

  • Introduce yourself
  • Introduce and showcase your business
  • Celebrate your achievements and milestones
  • Ask for contacts/support/advice from fellow participants
  • Approach/comment on fellow participants’ posts to create collaborations or ask questions
  • Comment your questions, suggestions or thoughts
  • Start discussions about business-related topics (Growth, fundraising, resilience, etc.)

What should I NOT post on Workplace?

Together, we are aiming to build a community of entrepreneurs and professionals that are enthusiastic about the development of a sustainable tourism industry around the world. We are here to support each other in building a better future for the sector. Thus, we encourage you to practice common courtesy and decency in all that you post. The following will not be tolerated:

  • Excessive spam that does not add value to your fellow participants
  • Negative or rude comments on team or fellow participant posts
  • Explicit or inappropriate language
  • Discussions or posts that are not business-related. While we always encourage a friendly, informal environment, this is first and foremost a professional networking space.

If you have feedback for your fellow participants or the programme team, please make sure to express your thoughts and opinions respectfully and candidly.


What can I expect from the mentoring experience?

To find out more about the mentoring experience, your role and responsibilities, and what to expect from your mentor and the team throughout the mentoring phase, you can download the Mentoring Guidebook here.

What are the objectives of the mentoring experience?

  • Provide mentoring support for the leaders of tourism businesses to help them recover from the Covid-19 crisis, become more resilient and future-proof
  • Create an extensive international network of founders, entrepreneurs, project partners, mentors and key players from different tourism ecosystems
  • Foster intercultural understanding and enable knowledge transfer between low, middle, and high-income countries
  • Offer mentees and mentors insights into the broader ecosystems they are part of, connecting them to resources, training, tools and growth opportunities
  • Support the retention and creation of sustainable jobs in the tourism sector of all programme countries
  • Facilitate market access and business cooperation with the European and especially the German tourism industry

What do I do if I don't hear from my mentor?

If you’re having trouble connecting with your mentor, please reach out to your country team and we will follow up with you.

What are my responsibilities towards my mentor?

  • Commit a minimum of four hours per week
  • Keep the relationship with your mentor positive and productive
  • Discuss openly with your team and mentor. Be responsive and express your wishes to your mentor and the mentoring team to gear components of the programme towards your needs
  • Respect deadlines with your mentor and the TUI Care Foundation/enpact
  • Make sure you reply to emails and answer calls from your mentor and the TUI Care Foundation/enpact team
  • Dedicate the appropriate time for mentoring throughout the programme

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