COVID-19 Relief Program

The COVID-19 Relief Program, part of the Empowering Entrepreneurship Initiative by enpact, provides 180 businesses in Egypt, Ghana, Jordan, Kenya and Indonesia across all sectors with dedicated mentoring, financial backing, and business development support.


Meet the Participants!


Meet the 90 #EEIEgypt businesses:

34 Media Labs

What we do: A software house specialized in Apps design & Development.

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3atlana for cars services

What we do: 3atlana is a digital partner for all car services.

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What we do: Agrona manufactures wood out of agri-residues without cutting a single tree.

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What we do: Airgiftr connects consumers in emerging markets with personal shoppers (airgiftrs) worldwide.

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What we do: We are an online STEM training and Edtech adoption platform for teachers and students

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AM International Trade

What we do: We specialize in manufacturing and promoting Egyptian Handicraft with a modern, fashionable style. 

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Banana Art

What we do: We produce handmade products from banana tree waste.

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What we do: Baramoda is an agri-tech company develops organic fertilizers from plant-based agricultural waste

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Bellies En-Route for Technology

What we do: We take travelers on food tours in Egypt. 

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Cantina Food

What we do: Cantina Eats provides ready to heat and eat food directly to your doorstep.

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Circle for Programming and Electronic applications

What we do: Circle is SaaS solution for property management.

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What we do: Clinprime provides PRM (Patient-Relationship Management) for medical centers and hospitals.

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What we do: Chitosan makes organic fertilizers and pesticides based on shrimp shells extractions.

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What we do: Cup is an Agri-tech startup building a waste collection system to collect the spent coffee ground.

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What we do: We are an on-demand marketplace that connects tech companies with cybersecurity professionals.

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What we do: Darjee produce On-Demand Customized dresses where you can design and get your dress done in ONE day! 

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Design Dialogue Co

What we do: Design Dialogue is an interior design studio specialized in finding meaning in buildings and spaces, creating memorable experiences and interactions.

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What we do: DevisionX provides AI machine vision systems for the manufacturing sector.

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What we do: We are a tech-enabled service connecting women with professional driving instructors.

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Doodle Factory

What we do: Doodle Factory is a fashion and lifestyle brand impacting the lives of children in need.

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What we do: A social enterprise aiming to create young changemakers through innovative educational solutions.

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What we do: Elshahbander is a B2B online marketplace for Textile Industry that connects suppliers and buyers.

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What we do: Engazaat produce sustainable, smart and productive land comprehensive development.

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What we do: Esorus is a platform for interior and architecture connecting all stakeholders using cutting edge technology.

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What we do: A SaaS-enabled marketplace that connects end-customers with stationery retails.

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What we do: A tech company that creates innovative solutions for furniture & design industries through AR & AI.

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What we do: An online furniture store for home and office products.

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Green Energy Academy – Egypt

What we do: Internationally accredited renewable energy training, top consultations & innovative engineering.

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Greenish for Arts and Environment

What we do: We focus on promoting individuals’ environmental awareness and entities transformation toward sustainability.

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What we do: Guided provides parents with the best development and growth tracks for their children.

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Habu For Arts and Handicrafts

What we do: Habu Arts aims to revive ancient Egypt arts in the way that modern Era.

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Halla For Tourism Marketing

What we do: One stop shop for all tourism services in Egypt.

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Hand Over Projects

What we do: Design & Build firm specialized in delivering cost-effective & environment-friendly building solutions.

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What we do: P2P shipping app that connects shoppers with trusted travelers.

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What we do: We design and manufacture the MSLA 3D Printers to support the dentistry sector.

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Interface Consultancy

What we do: We are a fast growing systems integrator for business automation and transformation solutions. 

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What we do: We provide career readiness and youth employability skills.

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What we do: We empower youth to improve their income, women to have a better life balance by nearby part time jobs.

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Kites Egypt

What we do: Kites Egypt is one of the leading trips and tourism events organizers in Egypt.

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What we do: We produce natural vegetables that are 100% clean at affordable prices.


What we do: We provide football data and player performance statistics.

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Leadership Factory

What we do: Leadership Factory produces education and training solutions to support professionals in a new era of learning. 

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Maamal for Development

What we do: Maamal is a co-working space designed for entrepreneurs, startups, and any individual seeking a healthy environment.

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Magic Kids

What we do: We are a one stop shop for Schools, Day Cares and Kids Spaces. 

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What we do: Marj3 is MENA’s #1 Platform connecting youth to educational opportunities around the world.

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What we do: Masagh is a Jewelry-making school working to revive the old jewelry making techniques.

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Mazboot for Technology

What we do: Mazboot creates the First Arabic Personal Health Assistant for Chronic Diseases & Primary Healthcare.

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Culinary Arts School (CAS) Cairo

What we do: CAS Cairo is a service provider of professional culinary e-courses with an Arabic content.

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MIG Academy

What we do: Creation of a vision for our valued customers, so that they have better opportunities in the future.

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What we do: Mobikya is an eco-friendly design studio that designs, manufactures and sells green products ( Upcycling ).

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What we do: 3D printing technology for doctors to fabricate their patient prostheses.

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What we do: We provide nutritious food to busy employees and families.

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Napata Project

What we do: Napata project is based on recycling the palms waste to turn it into environment-friendly products.

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Nile River Montessori

What we do: An early education School based on Montessori approach, aiming to expand for elementary and beyond.

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What we do: We provide the real estate market with a tailored, scalable Saas CRM.

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What we do: We are an online platform connects young athletes from the region with college sports scholarships in the US.

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Phoenix for Education Services

What we do: We build and manage schools and learning spaces.

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Pioneers for Entrepreneurial support 

What we do: We create a well configured environment for Startups and Freelancers to grow. 

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What we do: Presto is a B2B Delivery Management & On-Demand Delivery Agents sourcing platform in Upper Egypt.

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What we do: We provide businesses with high quality printing materials at affordable prices that can be ordered online.

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What we do: Promental provides psychotherapy and psychology workshops for children, parents and teachers.

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Qym City

What we do: We are a business review platform connecting B2C and providing performance insights to retain customers.

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Rabab Luxor

What we do: We repurpose waste to create uniquely crafted high-end traditional & modern musical instruments.

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Green House Company for food products

What we do: Green House Company produces salad mix bags and veggie snacks that are washed and ready to eat.

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Naomi Hanem

What we do: Naomi Hanem revives Egyptian identity through art and fashion in a modern universal twist.

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What we do: We are an enterprise-level carpooling app for corporates in the Middle East & Africa. 

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What we do: A platform matching Radiology cases with Radiologists’ remotely and instantly.

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Samaka Studio

What we do: We are an animation studio aiming to revive Egyptian visual cultural heritage & authentic visual storytelling.

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Science Crafts for Educational Solutions

What we do: We are an innovating Hands-on educational kits & unique learning scenarios through workshops & activities.

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Scooters Rabbit

What we do: Rabbit is a micro-mobility company offering ride-sharing services using electric vehicles.

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shams El3alm

What we do: An educational platform to explain the curriculum to school students from primary to secondary school.

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What we do: Shezlong is an online mental health platform allowing patients to be connected with licensed therapists.

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What we do: Shiphaly is a mobile app connects shoppers and Travelers.

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Spare Payments

What we do: Spare helps school campuses go cashless using wearable technology.

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Sprints for Artificial Intelligence

What we do: Sprints works with leading tech companies to provide university students with gamified, agile tech education, training and job opportunities to build and empower tech talent in Egypt. 

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What we do: is a platform selling Trusted pre-owned devices at affordable prices.

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What we do:  At Seavo, we design and manufacture green electric marine vehicles for entertainment and rescue.

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Talent 360

What we do: We are the HR Business Partner for Startups and SMEs.

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What we do: A specialized technical recruitment web solution that delivers tech talents, hassle-free.

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What we do: We connect travellers directly to tour guides and locals using their own cars to book tours.

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What we do: Duma is a brand working in handmade children toys and baby products, all locally produced by women. 

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What we do: Wasel is an Intercity transportation and carpooling platform that connects passengers with drivers.

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What we do: WinFi provides Cloud based internet management and WiFi analytics solution.

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XIOT co.

What we do: XIOT co. is a smart building technology company accelerating the push for a smart future.

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Yadaweya for heritage and handicrafts

What we do: Egyptian Social enterprise that supports Egypt’s Craftsmen access to local and international markets.

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Roknayah Design

What we do: Roknayah manufactures jewelry that tells a story inspired by the Egyptian heritage & culture.

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What we do: MQR is a leading coworking space in Egypt that provides an organic space for idea stage entrepreneurs to collaborate and gain support to further their ideas and transform them into sustainable projects and businesses.

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What we do: Gedety is a healthy catering company promoting healthy eating habits for employees by providing balanced meals.

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Mok3b for training services

What we do: We provide the public the suitable environment for work and study by offering a variety of services.

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Meet the 12 #EEIJordan businesses:


What we do: Amwalcom matches individuals looking for financial products and services such as loans & credit cards with financial institutes.

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What we do: The first fitness marketplace built to empower and grow fitness enterprises in the MENA & Asia.

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Jadal for Knowledge & Culture

What we do: A socio-cultural community centre that is a space for artistic and intellectual expression.

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What we do: SOLVillion creates decentralized wastewater treatment solutions for Agriculture or other uses.

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What we do: Namliyeh is a design-driven brand seeking to reshape our relationship to food reviving locality and seasonality.

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What we do: CarGenie is An on-demand car washing service that offers customers service right at their doorstep.

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Darb Trading Co. 

What we do: Darb Trading Co. offers smart automatic cleaning solutions for solar systems.

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Galileo for 3D Designs

What we do: A professional developer of age-tailored customized educational written & digital content & tools. 

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What we do: Socksat is an e-commerce business creating customized, cool socks. 

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What we do: We improve the operational efficiencies of SMEs while their support functions are at an optimal state.

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Ruz w Sokar

What we do: Ruz W Sukar is Jordan’s newest grocery shopping App delivering high-quality groceries to your doorstep. 

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What we do: Akyas produce affordable, adaptable, portable sanitation solutions. 

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Meet the 50 #EEIGhana businesses:

Developers in Vogue

What we do:  A community of amazing African women who are passionate about using tech to revolutionize Africa.

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Funmart’s Blends and Desserts

What we do: Funmart’s Blends and Desserts produces organic nutritious foods for a healthy lifestyle.

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Golden Springs Limited

What we do: Golden Springs Limited is a lifestyle brand and sourcing platform that connects local jewelry artisans to global markets.

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Afcallo Ventures

What we do: Afcallo Ventures makes and sells natural & organic handmade and minimally processed skin & hair care products.

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The Fabulous Woman Network

What we do: The Fabulous Woman Network helps women in business plan, execute and achieve their goals so they can create wealth and impact people.

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Fieldswhite Company Limited

What we do: A food tech startup applying food science to produce innovative & affordable food solutions.

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New Era Shopping Limited

What we do: Allows users shop directly on retail sites abroad while paying for and receiving items locally.

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Lili-Pat Yeenu Ventures

What we do: SOUL MILK PRODUCTS, these are milk drinks made from both plant and animal and its natural.

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Mobile Web Ghana

What we do: A tech hub focused on developing, empowering and building the skills of the youth and government.

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Madonna Educational Complex Limited

What we do: Madonna Educational Complex (MEC) is a Private School located at Atwima Boko, Kumasi, Ashanti, Ghana.

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Chale Clothing Ltd

What we do: Chale designs culturally inspired socks to tell our African story.

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Tropical Growers Ltd

What we do: Tropica Growers Ltd uses hydroponics in growing fruits and vegetables, without utilizing electricity and pumps.

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Bioko Treats Ltd

What we do: Bioko produces handmade chocolates using beans purchased directly from farmer cooperatives

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G&Sheridan Ent

What we do: G&Sheridan Ent designs, produces, and wholesales handcrafted African-themed gift items and home accents.

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River of Blessing Academy

What we do: River of Blessing Academy provides quality educational services

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Eazywaste Services Limited

What we do: Easywasrte Services Limited operates community recycling centres in Accra to create proximity for recycling.

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The Mega Qodesh Montessori

What we do: The Mega Qodesh Montessori is a budding school that seeks to empower children to unearth their God given talent.

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Tieme Ndo

What we do: Tieme Ndo distributes improved farm inputs: fertilizers, seeds and farm equipment to smallholder farmers 

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Hashtag Creative Shop

What we do: Hashtag Creative Shop provides digital marketing and communications services for tech startups and SMEs.

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Senam Foods Ltd

What we do: Senam Foods Ltd sources and packages Cold Pressed Coconut Oil from women coconut oil processors to 19 Supermarkets

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What we do: SUMUNDI LIMITED provides Integrated software tool enabling retailers to run their shop, sell in-store, deliver to customers

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Tilaa Ltd

What we do: Tilaa Ltd integrates beekeeping and cashew plantation for bee and cashew products production.

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Jobo Lights and Sets Limited

What we do: Jobo Lights and Sets Limited provides event technology services from lighting, projection, staging, live streaming and sound.

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Yesli Ice

What we do: Yesli Ice manufactures ‘Truly low on Sugar’ and sugar-free ice-cream and naturally healthy beverages.

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What we do: IBANEWEL FARMING ENTERPRISE for mushroom production

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Built Accounting Services Limited

What we do: Built Accounting Services Limited provides a web & mobile app for SMEs to manage their finances, receive payments and access financial services.

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Kolics Company Limited

What we do: Kolics Company Limited is a social enterprise that uses waste materials to make footwear.

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What we do: Online platform that offers products like home appliances while offering hire purchase services.

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Mccallys Procurement Services

What we do: Procurement Outsourcing and general merchandise

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So Fraiche Media GH Ltd

What we do: So Fraiche Media produce high end digital content.

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Ponaa Briquettes ( Formally Clean Coal Power)

What we do: Ponaa Briquettes recycle biomass waste into Eco- friendly charcoal briquettes for cooking and heating

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What we do: ViFarms produces high quality and affordable lean pork for underserved communities in Ghana.

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Westcape Technologies Ltd

What we do: Westcape Technologies Ltd provides an app for commuters to book a variety of quality buses for their morning and evening rides.

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Tech Era Organization

What we do: Tech Era Organization develops assistive technologies to bridge educational gaps for persons with disabilities.

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Upscale Consult Limited

What we do: Upscale Consult Limited is a fundraising advisory, business diagnostic and support services company.

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Great River Business Limited

What we do: Great River Business specialize in agricultural production, marketing and trading.

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Sayetech Company Limited

What we do: SAYeTECH makes smart agriculture machinery for smallholder farms.

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Happy Eagle Tourism Management

What we do: A tourism company focused on highlighting tourism sites in Africa

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CW Studios

What we do: CW Studios specialises in telling authentic African stories with a global perspective.

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Borla Daakye Waste Management

What we do: BD Waste connects consumers and businesses to local waste collectors and recyclers.

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Giddins Innove

What we do: Giddins Innove manufactures shoes and bags from premium products.

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TalentsinAfrica Limited

What we do: TalentsinAfrica connects Employers and Job seekers.

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RoseFabricsGh Limited

What we do: RoseFabricsGh Limited helps users discover and buy fabrics without combing congested physical markets.

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Yenko Travels

What we do: An ecotour company that inspires & empowers people through nature and unique experiences.

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What we do: Codetrain trains professional software developers and matches them to companies for employment.

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Afram Poultry

What we do: Afram Poultry is specialized in raising day old chicks for the sale of eggs and meat.

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African Heritage Clothing

What we do: AHC is a local producer of Protective wear, Workwear and PPEs.

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I-Turcks Solutions

What we do: We provide employable skills through technical training with lots of practicals.

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Spring Agric Ltd

What we do: Spring Agric produces fresh, healthy and competitively priced table eggs & chicken.

Utopia Solutions

What we do: Utopia Solutions specializes in Marketing, Media and Communications.



Meet the 30 #EEIIndonesia businesses:


What we do: EVO&CO aims to become a one-stop solution for eco-friendly packaging

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PT Sukkha Citta Indonesia

What we do: SukkhaCitta empowers marginalized craftswomen through education, access to market & entrepreneurship.

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BumiAji Sejahtera

What we do: BumiAju Sejahtera develop integrated farming for sustainable food production.

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PT Miko Bahtera Nusantara

What we do: MYCL provide high performance and sustainable material through Biotechnology.

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Sampangan Indonesia

What we do: Eco-friendly, efficient waste processing as a service and circular economy company.

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PT. Ilmuwan Muda Indonesia

What we do: ILMUWAN MUDA INDONESIA helps young people push through the boundaries of scientific education.

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PT. Cahaya Natural Botanikal

What we do: Cahaya Natural Botanikal manufactures natural skincare products using local botanicals sourced from small farmers in Indonesia.

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PT. Indoraya Karya Bangsa

What we do: PT. Indoraya Karya Bangsa produces innovative dishwashing liquid soap made out of extract fermented cucumbertree starfruit.

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PT. Everidea Interaktif Nusantara

What we do: Everidea is a company that creates digital interactive content to deliver new, innovative experiences. 

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Inovasi Karya Sosial

What we do: heySTARTIC promotes sustainable fashion and circular economy through innovative upcycling.

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PT Nuesto Teknologi Indonesia

What we do: PT Nuesto Teknologi Indonesia creates an online queuing system to reduce unproductive waiting time. 

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PT Mendekor Anugerah Indonesia

What we do: PT Mendekor Anugerah sells furniture and home designs selected by our local craftsmen. 

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Bank Sampah Sorong Raya

What we do: BSSR provides waste management for community, environmental education, and waste pick up service.

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PT. Yukbisnis Indonesia

What we do: We are creating an independent economy that is beneficial for MSMEs in the digital era.

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PT. Dari Timur Indonesia

What we do: Tenoon is a social enterprise that produces goods from woven fabrics to preserve Indonesian heritage.

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Biomagg Sinergi Internasional

What we do: Biomagg Sinergi Internasional focuses on eco-innovation and technology to create circular economy for sustainable development.

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Kunang Jewelry

What we do: Kunang Jewelry is a jewelry brand of crafted metal waste where we revalue, educate, and empower.

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PT.Batam Media Siber

What we do: PT.BATAM MEDIA SIBER is a local online media that is engaged in news production.

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PT Adi Reka Mapras Sampurna

What we do: Barbershop chain that provides men’s grooming service and promotes local barber culture of Garut.

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PT. Green Enterprises Indonesia

What we do: Green Enterprises Indonesia creates finest and rarest coconut products to conserve endangered ecosystems and wildlife.

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What we do: We are an affordable offline marketplace for amateur artists.

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What we do: Synchro delivers a reliable and secure solution for data consolidation and distribution to support business growth and reduce information technology complexity. 

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What we do: We provide an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags. 

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What we do: PT Generasi Informasi Optima provides a unique approach to find the right IT Solutions. 

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Bonbin Global Kreativa

What we do:  We are an animation studio that creates and produces animation content across all platforms.

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Ecofun Indonesia

What we do:  A social enterprise that engages in science communication and environmental education using gamification.

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Tutup Galon JKT

What we do:  CV.TRILION MULTIPLASTINDO manufactures plastic recycled based products.

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Playdrone Indonesia

What we do: We provide service in aerial mapping of agriculture land and forestry using a geographic information system.

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Cipta Citra Indonesia Foundation

What we do:  A microcinema screening variety of films in an intimate setting and facilitating workshops on cinema.

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Kedata Indonesia Digital

What we do: We provide data management and analysis solutions in a dashboard.

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Meet the 25 #EEIKenya businesses:

Boka Youth Group

What we do: Boka Youth Group manufactures hand sanitizer from locally available raw materials.

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Yatta Beekeepers 

What we do: We are a beehive manufacturing and honey processing company.

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Farmers Pride

What we do: We are a marketplace platform to connect smallholder farmers and agri-vendors to right inputs and services.

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What we do: We produce clean cooking pellets that are used to provide affordable energy for rural homes.

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Origen Group EPZA 

What we do: We process Avocado to manufacture oil for Export.

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What we do: Ecocycle Limited is specialized in the selling and installation of waste water treatment & recycling plants from Klärtechnik Reinhardt GmbH of Eutin in Germany, who manufactures and maintain innovative, fully biological sewage treatment systems and is certified by the DWA (Deutsch Vereinigung für Wasserwirtschaft, Abwasser und Abfall).

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Mula Export 

What we do: Mula Export is a grower and exporter of certified fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs.

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Hope Tech Plus 

What we do: Hope Tech Plus Limited makes assistive devices to help blind and visually impaired individuals walk freely.

Learn more.

Torque Controller Kenya 

What we do:  We help industries to cut costs of production by reducing maintenance and energy costs. 

Learn more.

The Mother Kenya CBO

What we do: The Mother Kenya CBO provides childcare services, offers breastfeeding station solutions and empowers women and youths.

Learn more.

Kenarava Group 

What we do:  An agribusiness consultancy offering solutions to Today’s Food &Environmental challenges. 

Learn more.

Bongo Kubwa Africa

What we do: An innovative platform that enhances innovation, creativity, sustainability and virtuous leadership. 

Learn more.

Olivelink Healthcare 

What we do: Olivelink Healthcare offers affordable, quality, patient centred Medical and maternal healthcare.

Learn more.

VG Foods 

What we do: VG Foods enhances Zero Food Wastage, Good health & Well-being through organic farming & value addition

Learn more.

Tufilamu Pictures 

What we do: Tufilamu Pictures helps Businesses create visual communication through quality videos and photography.

Learn more.

Bamba Studios

What we do:  An independent radio and TV content development and production company.

Learn more.

Kulaorganic Enterprises

What we do: Kulaorganic promotes apiculture among small-scale farmers in the western region of Kenya.

Learn more.

Kwangu Kwako Limited

What we do: We are a design, manufacturing and building company redefining affordable housing in Africa.

Learn more.

Mucho Mangoes 

What we do: Mucho Mangoes is an Enterprise focused on eliminating food waste, farmer losses & Poverty in Kenya.

Learn more.


What we do: Health-E-Net provides high-quality health data to support high-quality healthcare service delivery.

Learn more.

Enric Farm Fresh Delivery Enterprise LTD

What we do: We work with smallholder farmers to increase farm yield through organic farming, and value addition

Learn more.

Tippy Tap Group

What we do: Tippy Tap Group creates awareness and sustainable solutions to barriers of accessing water sanitation and hygiene.

Learn more.

Ablepursuit Investments

What we do: An online community platform for personal talent, resilience and competency development.

Learn more.

Green Eco Solutions

What we do: Green Eco Solutions provides clean cooking solutions through production and distribution of carbonized fuel briquettes.

Learn more.

Miyonga Fresh Greens ENT 

What we do: We export fresh and dried fruits.

Learn more.

The Corona crisis presents businesses worldwide with unprecedented challenges. Especially young ventures have been hit hard and need support on different levels to adapt their businesses to the effects this crisis had.

The goal of the program is to allow businesses to focus their time and energy on getting back on track. How are we supporting these businesses? Via a three-folded approach which combines business model adaptation training, financial backing and individual mentoring. Over the course of 6 months, 600+ participants will benefit from all 3 in an adequately staged and designed process.

What does the COVID-19 Relief Program offer?

  • Individual mentoring sessions, tailored to their business needs
  • Financial support of up to 9000 Euros
  • Expert workshops on crisis management, business development, leadership and growth
  • Access to our global network of +1000 startups, +300 mentors, experts and investors across five different continents

Frequently Asked Questions

Eligibility Criteria

In which countries is the program available?

The business has to be legally registered in Egypt, Jordan, Ghana, Kenya, or Indonesia.

Does my business need to be legally registered?

Yes. All businesses participating in the program need to be legally registered in Egypt, Jordan, Ghana, Kenya, or Indonesia between the beginning of 2010 and the end of 2019.

When should my business have been registered?

The business must have been legally registered between January 2010 and December 2019

What is the relevance of the COVID-19 pandemic to my business?

The business must be impacted severely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. That can be either reduced team size, canceled sales, halted operations, etc.

What stage of business do you support?

The program supports young, innovative businesses in the eligible countries. The business needs to be legally registered and have proof of previous revenue reflected on the company’s bank account, along with proof of paying clients and customers in 2019 or earlier.

I have an idea for a business. Would this program be relevant to me?

Unfortunately, no. This program is aimed at businesses that are already legally registered, have been previously operational and have proof of previous revenue or paying clients and customers.

How many team members can apply for financial support per business?

1-3 team members are eligible for financial support per business. At least one must be a founder or co-founder of the business. Other applicants can be part of the executive management team.

Can any team member apply for the program?

The application has to be completed by a founder or legally authorized representative (e.g. Managing Director). The other members that can receive financial support can be part of the Executive Management team.

Is there an age limit for team members’ eligibility?

We don’t have an age limit for participating team members. However, there is a minimum age for eligibility for team members of 18 years.

Is there a limit to the business team size?

We have a minimum team size of 3 employees per business, including the founder(s)

What types of businesses are eligible to apply for the COVID-19 Relief Program?

The business that can apply should be fully independent, neither a partner company nor an associated company.

Can I apply if I have investors as shareholders in my business?

You can apply if your business has investors as shareholders (this also applies if investors are majority shareholders). But your business has to be independent (it is neither a partner company nor an associated company, i.e. it is not majority-owned of another company).

How will you be able to validate that the applying businesses were negatively affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Throughout the selection process, the entrepreneur will be requested to submit a previous financial statement for his business to prove that he had a working profitable business model before the COVID-19 pandemic and that his/her business was not facing liquidity problems prior March 2020.


How much do I have to pay for participating in the program?

You don’t have to pay anything to participate in the program. We provide you with financial support of up to 9,000 EUR per company for the duration of the program to ensure your business survives and thrives in the face of uncertainty faced due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Will enpact take equity or options from my company if I participate in the program?

No. The Empowering Entrepreneurs Initiative was created to provide direct support for entrepreneurs in emerging markets. We do not take any equity or options of the participating companies. No strings attached.

Will the financial support (up to 9,000 Euros) be directly transferred to my registered company’s bank account?

No, the financial support will be transferred to a maximum of three bank accounts belonging to founders or managing partners of the company (including you, the applicant). Up to three founders/managers will receive up to €500 per month. In order to receive the financial support each of the three founders/managers must have bank accounts in their own name


Does my company qualify for the COVID-19 Relief Program?

Please review the different eligibility criteria for the business either on the FAQ section focusing on eligibility criteria or on the application’s guidelines.

Can I apply if my company’s founder(s) is not a national of the country?

Yes you can, as long as your company is registered between January 2010 and December 2019 in one of the following countries: Egypt, Jordan, Indonesia, Kenya, and Ghana.

How and when do I apply?

Please visit the application page on the enpact website. The deadline for the first application phase for the COVID-19 Relief Program is August 30, 2020 at 23:59 Berlin time.

What does the selection process look like?

The selection process consists of several rounds. In the first round, you submit basic data about yourself and your business. In the second round, you will have to submit more detailed information about your motivation, competitors, finances, etc. Only shortlisted candidates will proceed to the third round, where they will be interviewed by different staff of enpact’s headquarters and local offices.

How long does the selection process take and how quickly can I start after being selected?

The selection process will be finalized by the end of September. The actual program will start officially with its activities in October, 2020.

Will you protect my intellectual property?

We only ask questions about your team, business model, motivation, financial situation, competitors, etc.

Can I get feedback in the case of not being admitted to the program?

Due to the global and wide impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on businesses, we are anticipating a large volume of applications. This will  limit our ability to provide individualized feedback in case of rejection. The actual scoring cards for the selection criteria will be made transparent in a separate document

Program Overview

How will my business benefit from participating in the COVID-19 Relief Program?

By getting accepted in this program, your business will receive direct financial support (Up to €9,000 per business) over 6 months. 

Your business will receive technical support in the form of business development workshops that help your business cope with the current market changes due to COVID-19 pandemic and individual mentoring sessions, adapted to your business’ needs.

In addition, you will be granted access to enpact’s global network of +1000 startups, +300 mentors, experts and investors across five different continents.

What kind of support will I get from an enpact mentor or an enpact expert?

enpact mentors will be providing you and your business with a holistic approach towards your overall business development. You will be paired with an enpact mentor with relevant experience to the sector in which your business operates. Your relationship with your assigned mentor is long-term and can continue even after the program ends.

enpact experts will be providing you and the other participants with deep-dive workshops that focus on specific business verticals during the program duration.

Can I stay in touch with enpact even after the “COVID-19 Relief Program” ends?

After the end of the program, you will become an enpact fellow. As a fellow, you will have access to the international enpact community of entrepreneurs, support organisations, mentors and experts that will either directly support your business or unleash new opportunities and potential collaborations for you and for your business.

Program Administration

What is the duration of the “COVID-19 Relief” Program?

The COVID-19 Relief Program’s duration is six months. During these six months, your business will receive direct financial support, technical support in the form of business development workshops that help your business cope with the current market changes due to COVID-19 pandemic and individual mentoring sessions, adapted to your business’ needs.

What is the level of commitment required during the COVID-19 Relief Program?

For your business to best benefit from the COVID-19 Relief Program, we advise you to commit to attending the deep-dive workshops that will help your business thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis and to get the most out of your 1-on-1 mentoring experience with your assigned enpact mentor. During the program, with the support of the local enpact teams, you will be setting milestones for your business that you will need to meet and track in the program’s duration and for the six months thereafter.

Who is behind the Empowering Entrepreneurship Initiative “COVID-19 Relief” Program and why is this initiative launched?

The Empowering Entrepreneurship Initiative was developed by the non-profit organisation enpact e.V. In its debut, the program will now operate two programs designed to deliver economic relief from the COVID-19 crisis: the “COVID-19 Relief Program” and the “COVID-19 Relief Program for Tourism”. The programs are both funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The Strategic Partnership Technology in Africa (SPTA) works in cooperation with enpact to promote the implementation of the program. The first program, however, is implemented independently by enpact. For the second program, enpact cooperates with the TUI Care Foundation.

A total of 330 founding teams of young, innovative businesses in Egypt, Ghana, Jordan, Indonesia, Mexico, and Kenya will be supported with a combination of mentoring, workshops, network building, and financial support.


Application_Guidelines_EN, pdf

Application Questions, pdf

Application questions, round 2, pdf


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