Founder Support Program

10 Months of Business Development Support for 10 Young Egyptian Entrepreneurs

Key Stats

  • Duration

    01.12.2018 to 31.12.2019

  • Location

    North Africa

We believe in empowering young entrepreneurs with high potential from around the globe by giving them the opportunity to make their ideas successful and competitive in the business market – contributing to leveling the playing field with global entrepreneurs.

In 2019, we partnered up with GIZ Egypt to bring together ten startups for ten months, with the incredible help of five mentors, nine local and international experts, to support their business development and personal development as entrepreneurs.

The Founder Support Program in Cairo offered a stipend in the amount of 500 Euros per month (excluding payroll tax, social security and insurance), which secured the participants’ personal livelihoods over a period of one year. The stipend allowed founders to focus solely on the realization and implementation of their business idea, and successful participation in the training program.

In addition, the participants were matched with a mentor who advises them on all matters relating to day-to-day business and can open international networks. Also, the participants were provided with a workspace at Startup Haus Cairo. They were integrated into a network of founders and received access to office and meeting rooms, legal advice, and administrative support. The participants were continuously supervised and evaluated by the employees and experts of enpact.

Throughout 2019, the founders grew their teams, developed their brands, advanced their business models, and accelerated their growth. They also took part in over 90 mentoring sessions, training sessions and workshops delivered by industry experts, and collectively raised 747 thousand USD.

Founders’ Support 2019 mentors: 

Ms. Dina El Mofty, CEO & Founder of INJAZ Egypt

Dr. Khaled Ismail, Managing Partner of HIMAngel

Mr. Moataz Kotb, Founder & Managing Director of Cultark

Mr. Amr Fawzy, CEO & Co-Founder of Goodsmart

Mr. Amir Barsoum, CEO & Founder of Vezeeta

Founders’ Support 2019 participants: 

Reham El Masry, CEO & Co-Founder of Furnwish

Before starting her own business, Reham El-Masry was a Product Manager for a German company, and led the launch of the company’s products in 12 markets across Europe. She also has experience with relationship management and a background in business development.

Furnwish is a tech company creating tools and creative solutions for the furniture industry using augmented reality and artificial intelligence. 

Adham El-Attar, CEO & Co-Founder of Clinprime

Before starting his own business, Adham was a Product Manager at Allergen Pharmaceuticals. He has 7 years of experience in sales, marketing and patient support in the healthcare sector, and aims to connect all healthcare providers to improve service available to patients through creating a comprehensive digital file for each individual. 

Clinprime is working to enrich the medical communities and patients with tools to leverage the health care service quality and medical knowledge through using technology in recording patient data and life science research for better health management for every patient.

Ahmed Fawzy, CEO & Co-Founder of AlMatjar

Before starting his own business, Ahmed Fawzy worked for several companies using agile methodologies and people management to build high-performance software development teams and products. He has 14+ years of experience in business development in the software industry.

Almatjar is a SaaS “Software as a Service” for creating online stores. It helps young companies facing problems with branding to cope with the challenges of the ever-increasing trends in e-commerce.

Assem Emam, CEO & Co-Founder of ElCoach Inc. 

Before starting his own business, Assem Emam gathered years of branding and management experience from high-powered companies including A15 and Sarmady. He has rich and diverse digital product development background that allows for a thoughtful understanding of UX/UI, effective acquisition and retention channels. 

Elcoach is an on-demand personal training and nutrition app in Arabic. It creates customized fitness and diet programs for users based on their personal stats.

Dalia Laz, CEO & Co-Founder of Esorus 

Before starting her own business, Dalia was managing Interior Decoration at the One Furniture store, where she cultivated her passion for all things furniture. She’s an architect with 10 years experience in interior design for hospitality and high end residential projects, and a passion for combining business and design. 

Esorus is a platform for interior sourcing to help architects, interior designers & contractors find qualified suppliers and manufacturers. 

Muhammad Abu Elgheit, CEO & Co-Founder of TechieMatter

Before starting Techiematter, Muhammad Abu Elgheit engaged with 17+ international and local communities, founded 3 startups, won first place winner at Startup Weekend Egypt’16, Best Community Builder at Global Entrepreneurship Week Egypt’18, served as Operations Manager at Startup Grind Cairo Chapter, and was the Co-Founder & CEO at Technovation Summit. He is also a trainer in Injaz Egypt.

TechieMatter is a platform that connects business owners with Top Rated tech recruiters to hire the best technically validated experts in different specializations. 

Abdelrahman Ayman, CEO & Co-Founder of Leadership Factory

Before starting his own business, he served as the Global President of AIESEC which facilitates a network of cross-cultural exchanges, delivering over 41,000 volunteer and professional experiences with a youth base of more than 49,000 members from 126 countries and territories. 

Leadership Factory equips young people with skills needed to cope with the 4th industrial revolution through a Gamified mobile and web app.

Samuel Abed El-Malak, COO & Co-Founder of Raseedi

Before starting Raseedi, Samuel Samy supported the entrepreneurship ecosystem through joining RiseUp in 2016 as a product manager for Connect. He also lead the technology team for Summit’18, and co-founded TheLeague with the vision of building sports communities within schools, startups, corporates and universities. 

Raseedi is a telecom optimization android app for dual sim users that helps save credit by automatically directing calls from the cheapest sim card, showing a consumption tracker of user’s calls and providing advice on the best tariff usage.

Mohamed Abd El-Gawad, CEO & Co-Founder of CUP 

Before starting his own business, Mohamed Abd El Gawad worked as an auditor in the tax field for 7 years, he also won the UNESCO worldwide prize in photography. Mohamed Abd El Gawad is also a storyteller, author and artist. 

CUP is the first startup in the MENA region that collects and adds value to the spent coffee grounds through cultivating edible species of mushrooms via innovative and sustainable methods to add value to the organic waste.

Nada Zaher, CEO & Co-Founder of Pas-sport

Before starting her own business, Nada was a college tennis player at Columbia University. She graduated in 2016 and pursued a job as a Product Manager in IBM Watson in New York. After getting the experience she needed, she chose to return to Egypt to help make an impact on athletes in Egypt and the MENA region.

Pas-sport is an online service that helps athletes receive sports scholarships at universities in the U.S.A. It offers a two-sided platform, for athletes and college coaches. 

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