International Mentoring Program: West Africa

By the time the second round of our International Mentoring Program in West Africa rolled around, enpact was well established in Ghana.

15 Ghanaian, 5 Nigerian and 10 European startup founders were selected from over 300 applicants for the second edition of the International Mentoring Program for West Africa.

Once more, we were thrilled to experience the great creativity and synergies that materializes when 45 diverse entrepreneurs, mentors and experts from around the world come together with the purpose to exchange knowledge and create connections.

Both bootcamps, one in Germany and one in Ghana, became a safe space for trust, honest feedback/advice and sharing. A highlight of the program for us were sessions that fostered co-creation where participating founders helped each other tackle business challenges, which resulted in better mentoring experience and more solid, tangible improvements of the businesses.

enpact’s focus on the individual entrepreneur and specific approach to mentoring seems to be a winning formula in West Africa, with participants, both mentors and entrepreneurs alike, reporting real results that they were able to achieve through widening their networks, creating valuable connections on the personal and professional levels, and gaining new perspectives and insights throughout the program. 

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