National Mentoring Program: Kenya


In 2018, we ran a national mentoring program with a focus on the Kenyan startup ecosystem. Over the duration of 6 months, we worked closely with 16 entrepreneurs to develop and support their local businesses. The central theme of the program was ‘the Power of Connecting’ which focused on understanding how to use and expand your network and how to utilize the power of community to develop your product and grow your business.

As was the case with the National Mentoring Program in Ghana, half of the mentors and experts joining us for this round were previous participants on the International Mentoring Program 2017.

It’s always a great testament to the impact of mentoring when we have our alumni from previous support programs joining new programs as mentors and experts to support younger entrepreneurs in their ecosystem. Continuous support and mutual knowledge exchange is at the core of everything we do at enpact, and it’s how we are fortunate enough to create and grow to communities of like-minded innovators in different parts around the world that value development through collaboration.

The national mentoring program included two bootcamps in Kenya, packed with interactive workshops and supporting sessions designed to share and utilize the combined groups experience and network.

One highlight of the program was an eye-opening workshop about “The power of LinkedIn”. The workshop showed how to use and extend your relevant network, which became a central theme throughout the six months.

The mentors and participants helped opening doors and opportunities for each other in the community. We witnessed new collaborations at the end of the six months; among the participants themselves and also between participants and entrepreneurs from the wider enpact network.

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