And They Rise – Fabulous Woman Network Ensures It Doesn’t Get Lonely at the Top

Women founders are rockstars, says Ama Duncan, which makes “The Fabulous Woman Network” an obvious choice of name for her organization. Driven by the conviction that there is more than a corporate job for her, Ama set out to create a community from and for women. 

Read our interview with the inspiring founder here, and explore the heights you can reach when you have a network of support: 

What was your main motivation to start your business? 

Six years ago, I was working as a Learning & Development Manager for a corporate organization. I had been working in the Ghanaian corporate world for about 10 years then. While I loved what I did, I felt there was more I could do. I felt limited by the corporate environment. The motivation to start my business was my desire to step outside of my comfort zone, to train and develop more people outside of my organization to achieve their potential.

What was your first milestone towards starting the network? How did it feel? 

My first milestone was when I finally accepted a training opportunity outside of my then -organization. It was a big step for me. A company approached me to train their staff and I accepted. It was such an exciting time for me to run the entire program from design to delivery and evaluation. This was a year before I actually started my own business; it gave me the validation I needed to have that there were people/organizations out there who would pay for my services. 

How did the pandemic affect your business? What steps did you take in your business model to adapt to the pandemic? 

Before the pandemic, the majority of our events and trainings were held in person. When it hit, we stopped all in-person activities and focused our attention on building our online community. We also spent a lot of time learning to improve the way we managed our business and created products. Currently, almost all our programs and products are online and we are serving clients from the US, Europe, Ghana, as well as other parts of Africa.

Ama Duncan’s Nights of Inspiration – 2017, United States.

What has been one of the most inspiring moments for you during your career working and coaching with other women?

Hearing the stories of these women. I thought I knew and understood the hurdles women leap over until I started interviewing women. It is unimaginable what some women have had to overcome to reach where they are today. Like the woman, whose husband left her while she was still battling cancer. Or another woman who was assaulted by 5 armed robbers. When you see the heights these two have risen to after what they’ve been through, you will never believe they have dealt with such trauma. And yet, still they rise, as Maya Angelou said.

“I thought I knew and understood the hurdles women leap over until I started interviewing women. It is unimaginable what some women have had to overcome to reach where they are today.”

What is your advice for fellow women founders?

I think women founders are rock stars! I see the challenges, frustrations and resistance  which they all need to navigate on a daily basis. While we are building our businesses from the ground up, we are also having to manage the other hats we wear, such as being daughters, mothers, wives, lady pastors, etc. 

I see you, fellow woman founder! 

My advice is that as you keep pushing. Please surround yourself with others who get you – a group of accountability partners. No, it doesn’t have to be lonely at the top. Together we win as we create wealth and impact people.

Women Leaders Workshop, 2021

How would you rate the level of support available for women entrepreneurs on a personal and professional level currently in your city?

I believe I am fully supported because I belong to various groups of ambitious women like myself, many of whom have been there, done that. There is a lot of support in terms of sharing resources or coaching each other. I cannot think of one thing I need and do not know who to ask at this moment. Except, of course, consistent internet service, which would require the help of Jesus at this point, haha!

“No, it doesn’t have to be lonely at the top.”

How does your outlook about the future of your business differ between now and in February 2020? 

I was confused in February 2020 because I could not fathom what was happening. I wasn’t sure if my business would make revenue in that season. Not only did we make it, we are thriving! Of course, having the support of enpact and the Empowering Entrepreneurship Initiative has been a miraculous game changer. We are finally able to update our website (, have acquired more technical equipment and generally improved the way we do business. Through this program, we have also gained a great mentor whom we have been bouncing off ideas on. The future looks very bright!

How can people learn more about your work and support you? 

My latest book – Yarns of inspiration II is now available on Amazon (both Kindle and paperback), for purchase here:




Senior Communications Manager

Salma is the Communications Manager at enpact. She is a writer, podcaster and storyteller, with published articles on business, economics, entrepreneurship, lifestyle and mental health awareness. 

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