My enpact mentoring story

When I started RosefabricsGh, the idea was to give easy affordable access to millions of different fabric without going through the hustle of combing huge congested market, jumping from stall to stall looking for a particular fabric.

Prior to enrolling for the enpact mentoring programme, growth was declining at an alarming rate which made me wonder if I still had it in me not only as an Entrepreneur but also as a leader.

Over the past few months, the enpact program has changed the narrative with quality workshops covering essential aspects of business, leadership and entrepreneurship. Mentees contributed immensely by sharing valuable experiences that will forever serve as a guide and reference points. With the tremendous help of my mentor Enrico, we were able to tackle most issues impeding the realization of our objectives.

RosefabricsGh grabbed 7 nominations at Ghana E-commerce awards 2018. With the help of my mentor Enrico, we’ve been able to reduce our marketing spend by nearly 60% after we introduced a CRM software and adhered to best digital marketing practices. We’re are currently employing 2 new talents to join the team.

The enpact mentoring programme has been an eye-opener and springboard to a greatness I never envisioned.

Kenneth Anku, Ghanaian, is a fellow of the West Africa + Tunisia + Europe Startup Mentoring in 2018-2019

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