The power of networking

In order to contribute to the required systemic change in the ecosystems in which enpact is active, we strongly believe in the role that existing actors and stakeholders can and should play. Therefore, enpact’s Programme Designers’ Lab (PDL) was developed to empower the organisations already active on the ground. We are happy and honoured to have this special feature written by Deepthi Ravula, the CEO of WE Hub, who participated in our PDL edition in India.

It was a truly great and enriching experience being a part of the PDL. As the CEO of India’s first state-led Incubator for Women Entrepreneurs, WE Hub, I truly valued and cherished the opportunity the PDL offered in terms of stepping away from my day-to-day operations and truly understanding the possibilities for scaling Women Entrepreneurs in India and across the world.

As one of the nine participants, networking with like-minded and experienced leaders working in the field of Women Entrepreneurship in India, I appreciated and valued the diversity of views that all of our group brought to the table. In addition to identifying the common issues we all faced across our businesses on a daily basis, our interactions allowed me to share my experience in a supportive, caring environment, where I could present issues and challenges and canvass opinion and advice from our group.

At times, to be also challenged in thought processes and beliefs was a great personal growth opportunity. This ability to gain alternate insights has made me a better leader, and created, what I hope to be, lifelong associations with skilled leaders in Women Entrepreneurship. 

This is a rare opportunity when one is continually battling the ever-present challenge of working on the entrepreneurial challenges rather than creating solutions for the Women Entrepreneur challenges. Our one-week immersion programme in Germany and one-week immersion programme in India offered a circuit breaker for great professional development opportunities.

From our guest speakers and workshop hosts, I had the chance to hear from experts in very diverse fields of knowledge, proving very valuable in further broadening my business horizons. I would recommend the PDL to any leader or contributor in the field of Women Entrepreneurship that wishes to embark on a great professional, personal and organisational development journey with a group of like-minded people.

Interested in learning more? You can now read about the Programme Designers’ Lab programme along with other features from entrepreneurs, experts and supports from our community in the first edition of the enpact Yearbook. Download here!

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