Project Communications and Visibility Tender (Egypt)

enpact e.V. wishes to enter into a service contract. The general objective of this tender is to support communications and visibility services for an entrepreneurship support program for the manufacturing sector to be executed in Egypt. 


The objective of this tender is to

  • create a strong and engaging brand identity for the program
  • facilitate the acquisition of participants and coverage of the program activities
  • increase the general visibility of the program in Egypt

The tender is intended to build and implement a brand identity and communications plan for the program.

The tenderer is expected to have a substantial experience in the area of media and communications with a focus on the following:

  • A strong network of media and press contacts in the region
  • Proven track record of media and public relations management
  • Experience and assets in visual design and brand development
  • Experience and assets in digital marketing management
  • Experience in event and offline marketing

The tenderer should have a proven track record of communications and marketing activities within the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Egypt.

Due to the fact that the objectives of this tender require very diverse networks and fields of expertise, the contracting authority is presenting it in the form of three equally distinctive Work Packages, which are described in detail in the Call for Tenders document. 

Geographic Scope

Potential tenderers may be agencies, companies, freelancers, etc. which are located and registered in any location. Due to the specific focus of this call for tenders, Egypt-based tenderers are preferred. As described in the respective work packages, travelling in the field will be required by the tenderer in line with safety guidelines and travel restrictions imposed due to the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic.

Starting Date for the Contract and Duration

It is expected that the service contract will be signed by 8 August 2022 and run until the end of December 2023.

The contract shall enter into force on the date on which it is signed by the last contracting party. The duration of the tasks and deliverables shall not exceed 31 December 2023. The execution of the deliverables shall not start before the contract has been signed or before the specific date specified in the contract.


The price payable under the contract shall not exceed EUR 12,000.00 including the applicable VAT.

In case each work package is awarded individually, the price caps will be broken down as follows:

  • For Work Package 1 (Brand Development), the price payable under the contract shall not exceed EUR 2,000 including the applicable VAT.
  • For Work Package 2 (Press and Media Relations), the price payable under the contract shall not exceed EUR 5,000 including the applicable VAT.
  • For Work Package 3 (Marketing and Distribution), the price payable under the contract shall not exceed EUR 5,000 including the applicable VAT.

Price revision, reimbursement of expenses and renewal are not foreseen in the contract but can be agreed upon if accepted by both the contracting authority and the tenderer.

Click here to download the tender for the full deliverables, eligibility criteria and process. 

Offers are accepted until Tuesday, August 2 at 11:59 PM (Berlin Time – CEST) and should be submitted by e-mail to with the subject line: Manufacturing Support Program Call for Tenders – Name of submitting entity/person.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 

Please find here the answers to all questions that have been raised regarding the call for tenders:

Which countries are considered as the targets in the region outside of Egypt?

All communications and visibility activities will be focused on Egypt as the sole target country. All activities and opportunities should be communicated widely across the nation.

How many of appearances should be considered until the end of the program? At which frequency?

At minimum, 3 media appearances should be secured for program stakeholders and participants per batch. Frequency is to be determined based on program timeline and overarching communications plan.

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