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Why partner with us

Until today, we have delivered over 40 projects across Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. They entailed nearly 7 million Euros of direct financial support to entrepreneurs and organizations. Our tried and tested proprietary approach is designed to provide quick, efficient and tailored support to entrepreneurs and innovators. It helps them build sustainable businesses and overcome times of crisis and uncertainty. 

Your impact

Empower entrepreneurs directly

Our programs support the owners of businesses or organizations directly. They equip them with the skills they need to lead their operations and the financial support they need to maintain and create jobs. 

Build sustainable businesses

We focus on resilience and long-term stability. The goal is: every business is able to solely depend on its own operations and resources – also after the completion of our program.

Create wider impact with limited resources

Our flexible approach builds on existing networks, local ecosystem data, and proprietary automated platforms. This ensures quick, resource-efficient support for entrepreneurs and innovators. 


How we can support you

  • Identifying development gaps where your support is needed in ecosystems around the world 
  • Project planning  
  • Project implementation
  • Impact assessment 
  • Monitoring and Evaluation 

How you can support us 

  • Project Funding
  • Industry Expertise

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