Startup Ecosystem Report: Sousse

The city of Sousse scores 44,61 of 100 in the MENA Startup Friendliness Index, and ranks in position 9 of 19 in the global SFI. There are considerable imbalances in the city, with high scores on Human Capital, Infrastructure, and Macro framework, and challenges in terms of access to Finance, Market conditions, and a young Startup Scene.

Sousse’s greatest strength is Human Capital, ranking 5 of 19 in the global SFI. In the Finance sphere, the city has the lowest score in Tunisia as a consequence of the lack of financing sources for entrepreneurs. Its Startup Scene is in the early stages, though with several points of optimism presenting opportunities for continued growth. In terms of the Infrastructure domain, the city has developed access by air, sea and road, and affordable, high-quality utilities. The Market conditions are challenging, a logical consequence of the political and economic instability the country has undergone after the Arab Spring in 2011, although Sousse is benefited by a strong tourism infrastructure.

Sousse generally scores favourably in the Macro domain (which considers political stability, legal institutions, and the impact of crime), though crime does remain a local concern that needs to be addressed to improve attractiveness.

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