Call for Tenders – Web Application for Women Entrepreneurs in Rwanda

enpact e.V. wishes to enter into a service contract. The general objective of this tender is to create a web application (an online platform) for women entrepreneurs in Rwanda as part of the Becoming Nala initiative, a participant of the Decentralised Development Lab


The objective of this tender is to create an online platform with the following functional modules: 

  • Landing Page
  • Services feature
  • Enroll in training feature
  • Signup feature
  • Login feature
  • Reset password feature
  • Take survey feature
  • User Profile feature
  • Matching Users to Trainings option
  • Get in touch feature
  • Administration function 

The distinctive deliverables are described in detail in the Call for Tenders document. 

The tender is aimed to

  • connect women entrepreneurs with financing, training, mentoring, or networking opportunities that help them grow their businesses.
  • To bring women closer to new opportunities to access the market and to be inspired by local role models that encourage them to launch their enterprises without the need for extensive digital training.

The tenderer is expected to have a substantial experience in the full cycle of the professional software development with a focus on:

  • UX Research and Design
  • Business Analysis
  • Software Architecture
  • Development of Web Applications
  • Development of Responsive Applications
  • Development of Comprehensive Matching Algorithms
  • Development of Multimedia Management Systems
  • Development of Peer-To-Peer Learning and Education Systems
    • Integration of 3rd Party Systems, including
    • Authentification and Authorization Systems
    • Payment Providers
    • Search Engines
    • Affiliate Program Solutions
    • Content Management Solutions
    • Content Delivery Solutions
  • Development of SEO ready solutions
  • Automatic and Manual Testing
  • Good Understanding of the Target Group   

Due to the targeted groups (female entrepreneurs in rural or urban environments in Rwanda) and the requirements for the web application, bidders are required to have high proficiency in English. A good knowledge of Kinyarwanda is desired.  

Geographic Scope

Potential tenderers may be agencies, companies or freelancers located and registered in any location. Due to the specific focus of this call for tenders, tenderers with expertise in the local context are preferred. Tenderers must be able to provide invoices in accordance with German tax legislation. 

Starting Date for the Contract and Duration

It is expected that the service contract will be signed by 15th December 2022 and run until 28th February 2023. The contract shall enter into force on the date on which it is signed by the last contracting party. The duration of the tasks and deliverables shall not exceed 28 February 2023. The execution of the deliverables shall not start before the contract has been signed or before the date specified in the contract.

Click here to download the tender for the full deliverables, milestone plan, eligibility criteria, evaluation process and award criteria. 

All technical offers should include a general concept of how the tenderer will deliver on the expected deliverables. This simulation must include unit prices for all foreseen deliverables as well as a total price that covers all the services in the concept.

Offers are accepted until Friday, December 2 at 11:59 PM (Berlin Time – CET) and should be submitted by e-mail to with the subject line: Call for Tenders for web application for women entrepreneurs in Rwanda – Name of submitting entity/person. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is this call for tenders only open for Women or Women-led agencies?

A: The platform (and subsequently the web application) is intended to reach and be used by an audience of women entrepreneurs in Rwanda, who are the main target group of this tender. However, the persons applying for the tender can be of any gender. Everyone with the required expertise outlined in the tender is encouraged to apply.

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