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The Startup Friendliness Index (SFI) uses data-driven approaches to provide transparency, comparability and insights that support startup ecosystem decision-making.

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Supporting entrepreneurship through new policies is an excellent step but without the cooperation of the whole ecosystem, it can be difficult to turn policy into lasting action. The empower magazine brings together the different players in a startup ecosystem and raises awareness on the ecosystem’s policies and progress.

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About SFI

  • 92

    Cities covered by the SFI spanning 5 continents and both developed and developing economies

  • 80

    Indicators from primary and secondary sources to measure each startup ecosystem

  • 2017

    In 2017 SFI started collating data and has since continued to optimise its measurement of startup ecosystems

  • 9

    Reports and magazines published taking a closer look at startup hubs ranging from Cairo to Thailand

SFI domains

The SFI's 80 indicators are grouped into 6 domains

  • Human capital

    Startups need talent to thrive. The Human Capital index measures the availability and affordability of local talent.

  • Finance

    Financing gives startups the funding to test innovations and grow rapidly during initial low revenue stages. The finance index measures the availability of funding sources and the wider funding environment.

  • Startup scene

    An entrepreneur connected with mentors, peers and potential collaborators has better odds for success. The index looks at available hubs (e.g. accelerators), activeness (e.g. startup events) and entrepreneurial culture.

  • Infrastructure

    High quality infrastructure helps to reduce friction for startups. The index measures the quality of transport infrastructure (road, rail, air, sea), the availability and cost of utilities as well as internet.

  • Macro

    Fair and reliable legal systems, political stability, and low crime are important fundamentals for creating an environment that is conducive to starting a new business.

  • Market

    The state of the economy and market has a direct effect on an entrepreneurs’ chances of success. The market index looks at economic performance, market connectedness and digital market maturity.

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