doroob: Supporting young entrepreneurs in Egypt’s Tourism industry

Supporting impact driven entrepreneurs in Egypt’s Tourism industry

doroob is an integrated support program for empowering future entrepreneurs to develop practical life skills and create social impact. It aims to identify students and recent graduates with innovative ideas that tackle challenges in three economically and socially crucial sectors and support them in building their impact-driven businesses.

The program provides tailored training, dedicated mentoring, network development opportunities, access to workspaces, access to external expertise and technical resources, and direct financial support of 600 Euros/month for each member of the incubator teams so that they are able to dedicate their time, energy and resources to turning their ideas into viable solutions. 

This is the third track of the program that will support idea-stage entrepreneurs in the Tourism industry. Learn more about the program and its previous tracks here.

 We’re looking for 40 innovative ideas across two challenges

  1. Marketing & Content Creation for tourism in Egypt — Develop innovative ways to create marketing activities and content to promote tourism in Egypt and increase its visibility globally.
  2. Sustainable Tourism and Specialized Tours — Explore innovative ways to revamp sustainable and eco-tourism in Egypt, enhance eco-builder capacity, and empower locals to offer more authentic experiences and eco-friendly tours.

Download this document for more details about the challenges and eligibility criteria. (12.03 MB PDF)

How does the program support you?

Business & technical training

Throughout the entire program, all teams receive training sessions on related business and technical topics, such as prototyping fundamentals, sustainable development, leadership, digital marketing, communications, etc.

Financial support

Each member of the team that advances to the incubation phase will receive direct financial support of 600 EUR/month for six months to support them in turning their ideas into viable solutions.

Mentoring and coaching

Experts from enpact’s and DROSOS FOUNDATION’s global networks will support the participating teams with dedicated coaching sessions and mentoring from the onset of the pre-incubation phase.


Teams will receive access to workstations and makerspaces throughout the program from the onset of the pre-incubation phase.

Landing pad

Teams will get the opportunity to connect with international experts and potential partners by exploring the European market through a landing pad program in Berlin after completing the incubation phase.

Networking opportunities

Teams will also get the opportunity to take part in key industry events and pitch their solutions to international ecosystem players and investors.

Program timeline

19 February 2024

Call for applications launch.

15 March 2024

Applications close. Selection process starts.

20 April 2024

Idea Competition (40 teams)

April - June 2024

Pre-incubation (8 teams)

July - December 2024

Incubation & landing pad (4 teams)

How does it work?

Take a look through the steps to find out what to expect from the doroob program and how to prepare.

  • Review the challenges and criteria

    Read the challenges and call for ideas carefully, review the requirements, and download the eligibility criteria document for more information and easy reference. 

  • Prepare the needed information

    We advise you to go through the form once before applying. You will need to prepare a scan of your national ID, your CV/Resume, and a brief of your idea as you apply.

  • Fill out the application     form 

    Complete the application form; please note that this is the only way for us to be able to consider your application, as we don’t accept submissions by e-mail or other formats. If you need support with filling in the form, please feel free to reach out to

  • Join us for an online chat

    Once submitted, your application will be reviewed by multiple experts from our team. If your application is eligible, you will be invited to a 30-minute interview to talk more about your idea and why you’d like to join the program.

  • Check your e-mail

    You will receive an e-mail with the status of your application within two weeks. The e-mail will notify you if you are accepted or share feedback in case we are unable to accommodate you in the program. Please make sure to also regularly check spam.

Find out if doroob is the right program for you

  • You are a university student or a recent graduate who is over 18 years old
  • You are Egyptian, or you have a valid Egyptian residency
  • Your innovative idea tackles one of the two challenges directly or indirectly
  • Your innovative idea has the potential for scalability and can benefit from early-stage startup support

In order to promote equity, applicants from underserved groups* as well as applicants whose ideas have the potential to create sustainable social, economic, and/or ecological impact are given additional consideration in the selection process. 

Underserved groups* are defined within the framework of this program as women, people with disabilities, refugees, or people in remote (in reference to the capital city, Cairo) or rural locations in Egypt. 

Download this document for more details about the challenges and eligibility criteria. (12.03 MB PDF)

You can always e-mail us at to receive support with your application within 24 hours of your request. Please note that this is the only official support channel for the doroob program and the only way to guarantee a timely response.

Meet doroob's idea competition winners in Sustainable Tourism!

9 teams of young entrepreneurs have started their journeys with the 3-month pre-incubation, the second phase of doroob program. Get to know more about their ideas:

Esna Routes, led by Mohamed Senousy

Esna Routes is a community Tourism Guiding Experience. It is a comprehensive project aimed at leveraging the expertise of 50 university graduates in tourism and archaeology to develop guided tour routes in the “Esna” of the Nile Upper Egypt region. This initiative will not only enhance tourism experiences but also contribute to local economic development and cultural preservation.

Travel Ease, led by Mohamed Abozaid

Travel Ease provides transportation services to visitors and tourists in Egypt who are looking for hassle free transportation without being tied to fixed tourism programs with tourism companies. They target visitors who enjoy making all the arrangements themselves and with absolute freedom. Additionally, they can also help them with booking tickets, visiting bazaars and shops, and booking restaurants and popular places to have an enjoyable experience.

Thatgirlfromegypt, led by Rana Shaaban

Thatgirlfromegypt was established to fill in the gap of having an entity that promotes cultural travel through customized itineraries around Egypt. It has always been a set/pre-planned itinerary and the lack of immersing young Egyptian youth in their country, culture, and exploration of their heritage through local communities. Thatgirlfromegypt works on promoting sustainable and cultural tourism around Egypt through customized itineraries and tailored airport-to-airport programs.

Goia led, by Youssef Talaat

Goia is a mobile app that modernizes the tourism experience without needing extra devices like VR headsets. It works like a tour guide and more. It helps you book tickets, audio-visual navigation inside the museum, auto artefact detection using AI to display accurate information with different types like visuals, text or sound or sign language, 3D models of archaeological broken artefacts, and a community platform for sharing museum visit experiences. The app is designed to make tourism in Egypt easy and enjoyable for everyone, including young Egyptians and tourists, also Goia integrates new educational experiences to inspire young Egyptians to love their history and culture.

ITHAKA, led by Nurhan Rani

With ITHAKA platform, you can find a reliable source of information on hidden gems and local experiences. Moreover, you can match and connect with fellow solo travelers and backpackers. Last but not least, you can plan and book affordable, curated itineraries focused on hidden gems. Also one of our main core values is to empower local service providers who are unable to access tourists by providing digital tools and dashboards to boost their sales and expand their business reach.

Nur Ecolodge, led by Passant Ali

Passant’s idea is to convert one of the old mudbrick houses, in the Habu Temple area of Luxor, into a small, affordable boutique hotel, as the area is not currently being used for tourism. The hotel will be restored and modified by specialists in restoration and environmentally sensitive architecture, who have a very strong track record in delivering similar developments. In addition to the architectural features, the hotel will also provide environmental features such as solar energy and water saving devices. The hotel will be the first of its kind in the Habu area, as we will preserve the current shape of the house and retain the eco-materials currently in place.

Sandal led by Mohamed Yehia

Sandal Tours App is an ambitious concept poised to revolutionize travel experiences in the provincial towns of the Nile Delta and Upper Egypt. Our vision is to create a mobile application for iOS and Android platforms that will seamlessly connect visitors with local service providers, fostering cultural exploration, educational enrichment, and economic empowerment within these underserved regions of Egypt. The app is a commitment to inspiring and informing travelers, igniting their curiosity about the rich history, art, culture, and natural beauty of the area. Through meticulously curated content, including thematic articles, captivating photo essays, interactive maps, and engaging videos, they aim to provide users with a glimpse into the hidden treasures in these provincial towns.

Fosha, led by Menna Ayad

Fosha is a one-stop app designed to digitize tourism in Egypt by providing users with easy access & booking to the best experiences, activities, and attractions in Egypt in one tap. Whether users seek cultural immersion, adventure, wellness activities, or simply looking to uncover hidden gems off the beaten path, Fosha curates a curated selection of options tailored for every preference and interest where locals & tourists can easily discover & book. Fosha also promotes authentic experiences, lesser-known gems, and local experiences, that contribute to the cultural richness of Egypt. Fosha is also promoting sustainable tourism practices by offering on the app eco-friendly tours and also empowers local experience providers in Egypt by providing them with online exposure to increase their sales.

Sinai Hikes, led by Ahmed Mousa

Ahmed’s idea aims to promote trekking, hiking, and camping in the mountains, valleys, and the Sinai desert with its Bedouin tribes. This will provide and create many new job opportunities for tribal youth and will also enhance the communication of the Bedouin tribes with each other and their knowledge of culture. Today, through searching and networking, it has become easy for everyone from around the world to get to know Bedouin cultures, go hiking, and enjoy the unique experiences in the natural beauty of the mountains and the desert.

Program partners

The program has been developed by the non-profit organization enpact and is implemented with the support of DROSOS FOUNDATION.


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