Core area 02 - Crisis relief and resilience

Core area 02 - Crisis relief and resilience

Nothing is certain! While you’re busy planning every detail of how to execute your project, allocating every single resource accordingly, you can never prepare for events that are beyond your control—events that can happen from one second to the next. The only way to overcome the impact of such crisis situations is together.

In a crisis, we provide quick, direct financial support, resilience training, and mentoring over three to six months for MSMEs to sustain their operations.

Impact report 2022

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Projects implemented:

– Tourism recovery program


Tourism recovery program - our biggest program to date

A study emerged from the tourism recovery programme into the effect of the framework conditions on the development of tourism companies.

The Tourism Recovery Program was a crisis relief and resilience support program designed for travel and tourism entrepreneurs in Egypt, Kenya, Mexico, South Africa, and Tunisia. It supported them in maintaining and building resilient, sustainable tourism businesses while recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic. The program provided direct financial support of a total of 3,735,000 Euros, resilience and leadership training, mentoring and network development support. 


Key stats

  • Duration

    01.05.21 to 31.10.22

  • Supported

    1242 entrepreneurs, 415 businesses.

  • Locations

    Egypt, Tunisia, Mexico, South Africa, Kenya

  • Partners

    BMZ, GIZ, TUI Care Foundation


  • By providing direct financial assistance, the program played a crucial role in preserving jobs that were endangered by the pandemic. 297 jobs were created as a direct result of the program.

    569 women entrepreneurs received direct financial support, a total of 1.7M Euros, which accounts for over 45% of the financial support that went to entrepreneurs.

    34.41% of participants were able to access new markets as a direct result of the program.

“We can’t express how much the support of the Tourism Recovery Program has helped us. It came just as our reserves were exhausted, which meant that we didn’t have to lay off any staff and no one had to leave. Now we’re starting to recover and people are more comfortable to travel again.”

— Gitonga Wandai, Founder of Hike Maniak.

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