Startups in Uzbekistan: 4 initiatives in the making!

Launched in July 2019, the Programme Designers’ Lab in Uzbekistan focused on capacity-building, network development, and the internationalization of 16 ecosystem enablers to support the startup ecosystem in Uzbekistan.

Throughout the 8 months duration of the program, which kicked off in January 2020, the participants successfully developed 4 project proposals:

Corporate Innovators Team (CIT)

The Corporate Innovators Team (CIT)’s mission is to accelerate innovation and professional development through connecting professors and academics with the private and public sectors in order to cooperate on mutually beneficial conditions. CIT works with universities to build the best startup and innovation teams of students and academics that can offer timely business solutions to the SMEs and corporations in Uzbekistan, rendering the ecosystem more favorable and attractive for investors.


Tumaris Tech is an initiative aiming at promoting female entrepreneurship, specifically through increasing the involvement of women in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) ecosystem. The initiative focuses primarily on three areas: (i) the development of robotics, specifically among younger generation of women, (ii) the development of female-founded startups, specifically high-tech with hard components (iii) promotion of cybersports among female audience, to improve gender inclusivity.


Driven by the socio-economic impact of climate change in Uzbekistan, “Cleantech Mentors” aims to empower existing and potential mentors to transfer their knowledge and skills, in order to help startups solve climate change problems in local communities using technology and entrepreneurship. The community designs different workshops and events to enhance their participants’ effectiveness in mentoring early-stage entrepreneurs, and build their capacity as mentors in the Clean-tech sector.


The Enhancing Ecosystem Stakeholders’ Capacity project comprises short-term (4-5 months) program, designed to support the development of innovative ideas and startup projects of young people, and promote the realization of entrepreneurial potential as well as youth employment. The program ensures the conversion of innovative ideas and startup projects into pilot projects throughout the duration of the program; helping to balance the needs of partner organizations with the capabilities of startup projects teams and achieve final results.

On the 4th of December, Tech4Impact and enpact organized an online Event on Mentoring & Climate Change between German and Uzbek stakeholders (entrepreneurs, startups, mentors and support organizations). The event aimed towards developing a mentoring community in Uzbekistan, especially in the climate tech sector. Mentors had the opportunity to share their experience on mentoring startups to Uzbek mentors-in-training. Uzbek startups shared the challenges and opportunities in Uzbekistan in the climate tech sector.

Finally, there was room for virtual networking where attendees had the chance to exchange their ideas and foster new collaborations.

Global Entrepreneurship Week Uzbekistan 2020

We are honored to have received an award as part of the Uzbek Global Entrepreneurship Week 2020, co-organized by the Global Entrepreneurship Network and TEAM University. The events were held with the participation of both representatives of private business, universities, and government departments, under the theme of ‘Entrepreneurial Education: From I to I (Idea to Implementation)’.

Interested in taking part in supporting the initiative? You can reach out to our Director Will Daoud via to learn more!

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