The AsiaBerlin Pre-Summit Event: Uniting Innovators for a Sustainable Future

The AsiaBerlin Pre-Summit event brought together passionate, impact-driven individuals from the AsiaBerlin community. Held on June 26th, the event focused on the intersection of Greentech and artificial intelligence (AI) and aimed to drive innovation for a better future. With a diverse lineup of speakers bringing in different perspectives from the ecosystem and engaging discussions, the Pre-Summit set the stage for the AsiaBerlin Summit, in which more intercontinental exchange took place on a larger scale. 

Why a pre-summit event?

The event serves as a platform for individuals to establish connections, gain insights from industry leaders, explore novel technologies, and collaborate towards a shared goal. The event serves as a strong foundation for fostering meaningful discussions, forging partnerships, and launching initiatives that contribute to the success of the AsiaBerlin Summit. Such endeavors are crucial in driving positive change through technological advancements and sustainability. The recent Pre-Summit offered a deep dive into the applications of emerging technologies for driving a sustainable future. The panel featured discussions and presentations exploring how AI, clean tech, and circular economy solutions can contribute to environmental and social impact, further creating an open platform for attendees to share their insights about how global collaboration can push forward the use of this technology to tackle pressing problems.

Photo by Özlem Şen.

Multiple perspectives, impactful insights 

Under the moderation of Kalbi Nur Yegnidemir, AsiaBerlin’s Project Lead at enpact, our experts explored the intersection between technology and sustainable impact, shedding light on various topics. The panel delved into discussions on the smart factory and the transformative potential of harnessing a diverse mix of IoT data. 

  • Zhengliang Wu, Cofounder and CIO of Green City Solutions GmbH, shared their visionary approach to using ads to clean the air, creating incentives to pave the way for greener, cleaner cities.
  • Ramakrishna Nanjundaiah, CEO & Co-Founder of Phantasma Labs, provided valuable insights into the advancement of AI policies, showcasing how the rapidly developing technology can be harnessed for positive change.
  • Lesley Li, Founder & CEO of u impact, inspired the audience with her dedication to making impact investing accessible to a wider audience and driving change through supporting purpose-driven and cause-driven entrepreneurship. 
  • Luis Sperr, Managing Partner of Wi Venture, put forth the perspective of venture capitalists, emphasizing the importance of considering sustainable impact as a key decision-making factor in investment. 
  • Niels C. Meinke, Head of Government & External Relations and Berlin Representative Office of Mitsubishi Electric Europe BV, shed light on the perspective of major corporates in terms of supporting innovative, emerging solutions and being the part of conversation on how technologies can help create a positive, sustainable impact. 

Their conversations allowed an open dialogue which weaved in perspectives from different angles from the ecosystem, further emphasizing the importance of global, multi-disciplinary and decentralized collaboration in ensuring that these technologies can be regulated, developed and utilized with the purpose of addressing mutual, global challenges.

Photo by Özlem Şen.

The event was supported by  Mitsubishi Electric Europe BV and Siemens. The event was implemented by enpact Stiftung within the framework of the AsiaBerlin Community financed by the Senate Department for Economic Affairs, Energy and Industry. 

The AsiaBerlin Pre-Summit laid the groundwork for future endeavors and sparked encouraging conversations, connections, and experiences. 

For a quick look into the highlights of the event and the insights exchanged, check out the event recap video below. 

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Valeria Flores is a second-year Bolivian-American studying Economics and International Relations at IE University in Madrid, Spain. Passionate about international development and project management, she serves as President of the IE University SDGs Club and as a Project Manager Assistant for IE Talent and Careers Department. Additionally, Valeria runs her own business as a Spanish tutor for immersion students in the US, promoting cross-cultural understanding and language proficiency. Her goal is to drive positive change and make a meaningful impact on a global scale.

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