Train the Mentor

A tailor-made curriculum promoting the mindset of mentoring and empowering mentors.

In order to promote the mindset of mentoring and make the added value of mentors accessible, this four-month-long Train the Mentor curriculum has been developed. During several workshops, potential future mentors are exposed to a variety of tools and techniques that are conducive for effective mentoring relationships.


The curriculum includes a total of six half-day workshops. The content focusses on the role and necessary tools of a mentor, communication techniques, mediation, creation of project plans, behavioural psychology, skills and competency mapping, etc. Furthermore, high-performing, interested, and qualifying participants can be selected to join other programmes as a mentor. The multiplier effect of the Train the Mentor programme can be guaranteed by allowing graduates – depending on their location and availability – to apply their newly-acquired skills.


01.07.2020- 31.10.2021


Train The Mentor Senegal

Dans le cadre de notre initiative Sénégal Femmes et Énergie nous étendons avec le soutien de la GIZ nos activités dans la promotion de l’entrepreneuriat féminin dans les énergies renouvelables et l’efficacité énergétique avec un programme de formation intitulé Train the Mentor pour un groupe de 10 personnes.




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Train the Mentor Tunisia

After the successful pilot of the Train the Mentor programme, a second cycle was designed, targeting the more remote region of el-Kef in Central-Western Tunisia from July to October 2018. Here, 25 participants completed the programme. The cycle consisted of five workshops and was kicked-off with a two-day long workshop explaining the enpact values and our unique approach and understanding of mentoring. 

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Train the Mentor Tunisia

The pilot for Train the Mentor (TTM) programme was launched by enpact e.V. and GIZ Tunisie in 2017 with the goal of enabling established Tunisian entrepreneurs to pass on their knowledge and experience to the next generation of startups.

In the three-month programme executed from October to December 2017, this goal was implemented  through 4 four-hour workshop sessions, which aimed to provide a profound understanding of ‘mentorship’ – what it means to be a mentor – as opposed to coaching or consultancy, as well as providing the necessary tools to profess it. Thus, a hybrid theoretical and practical learning experience was created for TTM.

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