Train the Mentor

A tailor-made curriculum promoting the mindset of mentoring and empowering mentors.

In order to promote the mindset of mentoring and make the added value of mentors accessible, enpact developed its own Train the Mentor curriculum . During several workshops, potential future mentors are exposed to a variety of tools and techniques that are conducive for effective mentoring relationships.


The curriculum includes a total of six half-day workshops. The content focusses on the role and necessary tools of a mentor, communication techniques, mediation, creation of project plans, behavioural psychology, skills and competency mapping, etc. Furthermore, high-performing, interested, and qualifying participants can be selected to join other programmes as a mentor. The multiplier effect of the Train the Mentor program me is secured by offering graduates – depending on their location and availability – to apply their newly-acquired skills in other enpact mentoring programs


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