Train the Mentor - Tunisia

Key Stats

  • Duration

    01.07.2018 to 31.10.2018

  • Location

    North Africa

After the successful pilot of the Train the Mentor program, a second cycle was designed, targeting the more remote region of el-Kef in Central-Western Tunisia from July to October 2018. Here, 25 participants completed the program. The cycle consisted of five workshops and was kicked-off with a two-day long workshop explaining the enpact values and our unique approach and understanding of mentoring.

It was great to see that certified mentors from the first batch who already applied their skills in new contexts were participating now as trainers in this cycle. This allowed both sides to share first-hand insights of the benefits as well as the challenges of mentorship. 

The program has received a lot of interest and creates a mutual benefit for everyone involved, as it grows the mentor base in the country, creates synergies and trust between institutional actors, and builds friendships among participants. Last but not least, it provides a pipeline of mentors for our national and regional mentoring programs, where the newly acquired skills and techniques can be put into practice. This means, the full “value chain” remains in the country, empowering both mentors and startups on an individual level, as well as building cross-national synergies and networks by spreading the enpact mentoring mindset.

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