doroob: Supporting young entrepreneurs in Egypt's Creative Industries

Supporting young entrepreneurs in Egypt to turn their ideas into impact-driven businesses

doroob provides idea-stage entrepreneurs with tailored training, dedicated mentoring, network development opportunities, and access to workspaces and technical resources. That’s in addition to direct financial support of 600 Euros/month for each incubator team member so that they are able to dedicate their time, energy, and resources to turning their ideas into viable solutions.

The first edition of the program will support idea-stage entrepreneurs in creative industries. 

 We’re looking for 24 innovative ideas across four challenges

  1. Furniture designing — how can we revamp furniture manufacturing and design in Egypt in order for local products to compete in global markets? Your ideas can tackle innovative approaches to reduce waste, reuse byproducts, or recycle second-hand materials.
  2. Interior designing — how can we make sourcing eco-friendly raw materials and prototyping ideas for interior design more accessible and affordable? Your idea can tackle cost-effective solutions for sourcing sustainable raw materials and creating digital prototypes.
  3. Handicrafts — how can we promote growth in Egypt’s handicraft industry? Your idea can tackle innovative solutions to support small-scale handicraft businesses in acquiring high-quality, locally-manufactured machinery, sourcing sustainable raw materials, or accessing more markets.
  4. Performing arts — how can we support artists in building sustainable business models and finding facilities to raise awareness about local life issues through their artworks? Your idea can tackle innovative solutions that support performing artists in monetizing and sustaining their work while highlighting local causes through their artworks.

Download this document to learn more about the challenges and eligibility criteria.

Key stats

  • Duration

    1.5.2023 to 31.12.2024

  • Supporting

    1100 young entrepreneurs

  • 600 Euros/month

    direct financial support


Enabling entrepreneurs and youth who have innovative ideas to establish social impact enterprises in Egypt's most important economic sectors: creative industries, agribusiness, healthcare, and tourism.

  • Location



  • Targeted SDGs

How does the program support you?

Business & technical training

Throughout the entire program, all teams receive training sessions on related business and technical topics, such as prototyping fundamentals, sustainable development, leadership, digital marketing, communications, etc.

Financial support

Each member of the team that advances to the incubation phase will receive direct financial support of 600 EUR/month for six months to support them in turning their ideas into viable solutions.

Mentoring and coaching

Experts from enpact’s and DROSOS FOUNDATION’s global networks will support the participating teams with dedicated coaching sessions and mentoring from the onset of the pre-incubation phase.


Teams will receive access to workstations and makerspaces throughout the program from the onset of the pre-incubation phase.

Regional landing pad

Teams will get the opportunity to connect with international experts and potential partners by exploring the European market through a landing pad program in Berlin after completing the incubation phase.

Networking opportunities

Teams will also get the opportunity to take part in key industry events and pitch their solutions to international ecosystem players and investors.

Program timeline

3 June 2023

Call for applications launch.

26 June 2023

Applications close. Selection process starts.

22 July 2023

Idea Competition (24 teams)

August - October 2023

3-months Pre-incubation (8 teams)

November 2023 - April 2024

6-months Incubation & regional landing pad (3 teams)

How does it work?

Take a look through the steps to find out what to expect from the doroob program and how to prepare.

  • Review the challenges and criteria

    Read the challenges and call for ideas carefully, review the requirements, and download the eligibility criteria document for more information and easy reference. 

  • Prepare the needed information

    We advise you to go through the form once before applying. You will need to prepare a scan of your national ID, your CV/Resume, and a brief of your idea as you apply.

  • Fill out the application form 

    Complete the application form; please note that this is the only way for us to be able to consider your application, as we don’t accept submissions by e-mail or other formats. If you need support with filling in the form, please feel free to reach out to

  • Join us for an online chat

    Once submitted, your application will be reviewed by multiple experts from our team. If your application is eligible, you will be invited to a 30-minute interview to talk more about your idea and why you’d like to join the program.

  • Check your e-mail

    You will receive an e-mail with the status of your application within two weeks. The e-mail will notify you if you are accepted or share feedback in case we are unable to accommodate you in the program. Please make sure to also regularly check spam.

Find out if doroob is the right program for you

  • You are a university student or a recent graduate who is over 18 years old
  • You are Egyptian, or you have a valid Egyptian residency
  • Your innovative idea tackles one of the four challenges directly or indirectly
  • Your innovative idea has the potential for scalability and can benefit from early-stage startup support

In order to promote equity, applicants from underserved groups* as well as applicants whose ideas have the potential to create sustainable social, economic, and/or ecological impact are given additional consideration in the selection process. 

Underserved groups* are defined within the framework of this program as women, people with disabilities, refugees, or people in remote (in reference to the capital city, Cairo) or rural locations in Egypt. 

Download the challenges and eligibility criteria overview.

You can always e-mail us at to receive support with your application within 24 hours of your request. Please note that this is the only official support channel for the doroob program and the only way to guarantee a timely response.

Applications are now closed for doroob program. For all applicants, please keep an eye on your email inbox; we will be reaching out to you with updates on your application’s status.

Meet doroob's idea competition winners in Creative Industries

8 teams of young entrepreneurs fulfilled their journeys with the 3-month pre-incubation, the second phase of doroob program. Get to know more about their ideas:

Mulberry Tree, led by Diana Gerges 

Mulberry Tree (MT) is an entity that seeks to create an access point for persons with disabilities in the art and culture scene in Egypt, in an inclusive environment that discovers and promotes their talents. Diana created Muberry Tree as a safe environment and place for expression, contributing to raising public awareness of their artistic issues, by providing more opportunities for them in acting and drama education, creating drama and theater casting opportunities, and participating in arts inclusion awareness campaigns and events.

Geneya, led by Mahmoud Abdelsalam

Geneya is a networking platform that empowers artisans to build sustainable businesses wherever they are In Egypt. Geneya provides a simplified path for artisans to access legal and accounting support and showcase their products online in 10 languages, while also offering guidelines for creating marketable products and a platform to collaborate with designers and entrepreneurs worldwide. Artisans from any location and educational background in Egypt can publish products and collaborate through Geneya’s website and app, empowering them to build a sustainable future. Furthermore, Geneya will offer an annual public statistics report to address the lack of public data about Egypt’s handicraft sector, guiding future businesses in this field.

Re-Fur, led by Maykel Safwat

Re-Fur. is a platform that rents furniture, and refurbishes used furniture. Maykel saw an opportunity, after conducting research he discovered that most youth don’t have the ability to buy new furniture items due to high prices. Also, they rent houses for a short period of time and when they move elsewhere the furniture is thrown away. Additionally, on the higher level (Commercial Sector) all companies are moving toward having a new headquarter at the New Capital, and all their old furniture is being replaced with new pieces. Meanwhile, the old pieces are being burnt or not used. Maykel saw this as an opportunity to create a platform that refurbishes and rents second-hand furniture for startups and youth that can’t afford the high prices of new furniture.

WAJDI, led by Zeinab Wagdy

WAJDI offers affordable footwear that speaks to your personality and presents wearable art. Wajdi is a footwear project that tackles 3 primary challenges in the footwear industry which are, quality, design, and finishing along with affordability. We design and manufacture footwear products locally in Egypt, visioned to compete not only locally but also internationally.

Visenleer, led by Moemen Sobh

Visenleer is the first regenerative initiative that transforms ocean waste into sustainable textiles with zero chemicals involved, creating new fashion and textile industries in the MENA region. Visenleer is a multi-disciplinary project that works on 3 pillars (Education, services, and products). Visenleer reuses the waste using a 100% organic method to create a sustainable textile material that doesn’t harm the environment and can give more back, pushing towards positive effects. It contributes to better soil, cleaner water, and air to improve biodiversity. Our material is nine times more robust than standard leather and textiles, and our project results in zero CO2 emissions. We are creating a new revenue stream for the fishing community that allows the local fishermen to get 30% more for each fish they sell.

REALM, led by Sherif Nehad

REALM is an online platform that offers both products and services, with a focus on upcycling and repurposing to appeal to environmentally conscious customers interested in sustainable practices. The platform showcases unique furniture pieces, available for purchase through an auction system that creates exclusivity and motivates customers to bid higher. Through their upcycling practices, REALM not only provides value to customers but also contributes to global sustainability by reducing waste and promoting eco-consciousness. The startup aims to create eco-chic, high-design furniture pieces that transform ordinary living spaces into extraordinary ones, while also reducing the need for foreign designs and imports.

El Quseir Handmade crafts, led by Aya Saied

Establishing a handicraft workshop in the city of El-Quseir inspired by the historical culture and heritage of the city and made by the hands of the city’s women. This idea is considered new in El Quseir, as there is no workshop for handicrafts inside the city despite the existence of a solid cultural identity. The tourism movement is also flourishing in the city, especially the tourist tours that are present in the city daily.

Plastale, led by Abdallah Abdelrahman

Plastale uses agriculture crop residue waste as date palm fibers and recycled plastic to produce sheets that have a high performance/price ratio, low Carbon dioxide emissions per unit mass, and are made from locally and socially sourced materials. They aim to create a collaborative environment where designers and corporations innovate using agricultural and plastic waste. Their mission is to help them turn those ideas into reality through their sheets and putting the circular economy into action. The applications they are working on right now are countertops, wall cladding tiles, kitchen boards, table tops, and lifestyle/decoration products. Another aspect of their vision is to create regenerative local communities by building decentralized small mini-factories that use their technology and help those communities, along with their impact partners, to make the most of their plastic and agricultural waste resources. As a start, to provide furniture in unprivileged schools and affordable rooftops for better shelters that are made from the hands of those communities’ youth.

In November 2023, a pitch event marked the end of the 3-month pre-incubation, where the 8 teams presented their progress with their ideas for the chance to be selected for the final stage of the program, the 6-month incubation.

Based on the scoring conducted by a jury of business and creative industry experts, Teams Re-fur, WAJDI, and El Quseir Handmade crafts were those who made it to this phase. Each team now accesses tailored business and technical training, dedicated mentoring, and a monthly support package valued at 600 EUR per team member to build the minimum viable product (MVP).


Program partners

The program has been developed by the non-profit organization enpact and is implemented with the support of DROSOS FOUNDATION.


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