Improving access to employment opportunities for persons with disabilities in Egypt

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The Empowering Inclusion in Employment (EIIE) program aims to break down digital, institutional and societal barriers hindering persons with disabilities from equally accessing employment opportunities and corresponding information in Egypt. The program supports the creation and wide-scale adaptation of inclusive and accessible digital content, applications and devices for persons with disabilities through two components.

Program components

Component 1: Accessibility Handbook

The EIIE Accessibility Handbook is jointly developed and distributed to support the implementation of guidelines for human-centered and accessible digital solutions supporting improved access to employment opportunities and corresponding information.

Component 2: Incubator Program

The EIIE Incubator provides training, mentoring, direct financial support and resources to entrepreneurs across Egypt to develop accessible digital solutions for improved access to employment opportunities and corresponding information.

Equal opportunities for meaningful employment should be accessible to all

Egypt has made significant strides towards equal rights for persons with disabilities. One key measure was the introduction of a 5% employment quota for persons with disabilities (Law 10 of 2018 on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities).

However, further barriers remain; such as social attitudes, digital access, and institutional structures that prevent equal access to information needed to succeed in the job market. This includes everything from recruitment processes and educational opportunities to regulations and paperwork. Additionally, fully inclusive support programs for career development and job transitions are often lacking. Employment rates for men with disabilities remain much lower than for men without (34% vs. 67%). For women with disabilities, the gap is even greater (7% vs. 19%). 

In addition, global studies shows that websites are becoming more complex and harder to navigate. Only 3% of the internet can be considered accessible to persons with disabilities. Nearly nothing happens offline anymore, and the majority of meaningful employment and participation in society require some form of online access. Thus, for everyone to have equal opportunities, a more inclusive digital environment is urgently needed.


It is estimated that at least 10 million persons with disabilities live in Egypt, which account for around 10% of the population. 

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The Empowering Inclusion in Employment program aims to provide digital accessibility support to employment opportunities for persons with:

  • hearing and auditory impairments
  • visual impairments
  • cognitive impairments (such as dyslexia, reading difficulties and attention deficiency)
  • motor impairments

We recognize that there is no one-fits-all solution that could cater to everyone, keeping in mind that people have different experiences and varying levels of impairments that could affect how they interact with a given product or service. With this acknowledgement in mind, the program will curate a comprehensive guide that addresses accessibility needs for the above disabilities, and will provide support to solutions that could cater to one or more type of disabilities.

With the commitment to leaving no one behind, and the emphasis that inclusion starts with accessibility, the Empowering Inclusion in Employment (EIIE) program aims to: 

  • Break down barriers to access that make employment information and opportunities hard to access  
  • Drive systemic change by fostering an inclusive mindset and directly supporting transformative solutions  
  • Create inclusive and accessible digital content, applications, and devices 
  • Raise awareness for the inclusion of persons with disabilities and challenge existing stereotypes  
  • Contribute to a positive shift in Egypt’s employment landscape in support of equal opportunities for persons with disabilities  
  • Create a collaborative, comprehensive handbook to serve as a reference point for the development of accessible digital solutions in Egypt  
  • Support the development of innovative evidence-based solutions to facilitate access to employment opportunities  
  • Enhance access to information, communication, education, employment, public services, and various crucial aspects of day-to-day life

How can you get involved in the Empowering Inclusion in Employment program?

For entrepreneurs:

If you are working on a digital solution, an application, a device or content that could improve the accessibility of employment opportunities and corresponding information for persons with disabilities, apply now. You will have the chance to receive financial support, training on business development and digital accessibility, access to a workspace, mentoring, and the opportunity to take your solution to the market.

Apply for direct support

For organizations:

If you represent an NGO, advocacy group, initiative or community in Egypt actively involved in the advocacy for the rights and the inclusion of persons with disabilities, we want to hear from you and explore potential collaborations for the project.

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For experts and advocates: 

We’re looking for subject-matter experts and advocates to support the development of accessible digital solutions, from providing guidance to the entrepreneurs to helping them test and develop their solutions to meet the needs of persons with disabilities. If this sounds like the role for you, contact us!

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Get in touch

If you are interested in taking part in the program or supporting it, please use the contact form below to reach out to us or contact us at

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    Project Partners

    The Empowering Inclusion in Employment program is implemented by the nonprofit organisation enpact within the cooperation framework between the Ministry of Social Solidarity and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) in Egypt, which implements on behalf of the German Government. The program is implemented as part of the Equal Opportunities and Social Development (EOSD) Project.