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Get to know the FEMEIE program

The ‘Female Entrepreneurship in Moldova – Emergency Initiative for Economic Empowerment’ (FEMEIE) program was created to provide direct support for Moldovan entrepreneurs and displaced Ukrainian entrepreneurs in Moldova, with a specific focus on supporting women. To create a comprehensive, sustainable and empowering network, the program provides a support center in Moldova, financial support, access to global network and resources, and entrepreneurship education and training.  

The program kicked off in March 2023 with 75 women entrepreneurs from Moldova and Ukraine taking part. The program is sector-agnostic, supporting businesses from retail, agriculture, manufacturing, production, social enterprises, education, IT and digital services, and more.

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We are currently looking for mentors and business coaches that can take part and provide dedicated guidance for the participants of the program based on their specific needs and challenges.  

Why become a mentor with the FEMEIE program?

Support women entrepreneurs

from Moldova and Ukraine in growing their businesses

Accelerate your professional development

and gain new experience in different fields

Develop your own skills

in leadership, coaching and strategy

Expand your network

by connecting with mentors and business coaches from around the world

Learn about new markets

sectors, and approaches from your mentee

Join an international community

of +1100 mentors and impact-driven experts

Take part in building a support community

of resilient entrepreneurs in Moldova and Ukraine 

Form a lifelong meaningful connection 

In our experience, over 85% of program participants stay in touch and continue to exchange with their mentors following the program

Pay it forward 

by sharing your career learnings to make a difference in a person’s future

How does it work?

Take a look through the steps to find out how the mentoring process works once you’re on board.

  • Step 1

    Sign up by filling the form and telling us more about your experience, interest in becoming a mentor and your availability 

  • Step 2

    You will hear back from us in the first week of May to confirm whether your profile is a fit for the program

  • Step 3

    You’re matched with 1-2 entrepreneurs and business leaders based on your experience and their growth needs

  • Step 4

    You and your mentee(s) set your own schedule based on your availability and your capacity 

  • Step 5

    You have 1 session & 3 check-ins per month in your preferred format from June 2023 to September 2023 (Maximum 4 hours in total) 

  • Step 6

    You take part in a monthly mentor community meetups to exchange learnings and feedback

Who can become a mentor

You qualify to become a mentor for the FEMEIE program if you: 

  • Have 5-7 years of general work experience OR experience as a business coach/consultant
  • Want to pay it forward by sharing your expertise or learnings with other entrepreneurs and professionals 
  • Consider yourself a good listener and intercultural communicator 
  • Can dedicate 4 hours per month to your mentee between June and September 
  • Have extensive expertise in any of the following:  
    • Market Access & Internationalization
    • Organizational Development & Human Resources
    • Business Development & Sales 
    • Fundraising 
    • Marketing & Public Relations
    • Finance, Accounting & Taxation
    • Digital Transformation & Innovation 
    • Social & Impact Entrepreneurship

Bonus requirements: 

The following are not necessary attributes to become a mentor with the FEMEIE program, but are an asset we are looking for.

  • Experience in Eastern Europe
  • Fluency in Romanian, Ukrainian or Russian

Sign up to become a mentor

For any questions, you can always e-mail us at to receive support with your application within 24 hours of your inquiry. Please note that this is the only official support channel for the FEMEIE program, and the only way to guarantee a timely response.

Program partners

The program is implemented by enpact e.V. with the support of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The aim of the program is to counteract the economic and social repercussions caused by the Russian war of aggression.  

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