Impact Report – TABS – 2. Early-stage development

Core Area 01: Early-stage development

A seed, by nature, has what it takes to blossom: from the drive to do so, to all the necessary makings of a plant. However, its nature alone is not enough. Without the right environment, and the right resources, the seed will never break through the surface of the soil. 

Through our early-stage development projects, we empower new and existing businesses and organizations through mentoring, financial support, and capacity-building for nine to twelve months.

Impact report 2022

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Projects implemented:

– Startup Haus Cairo

– SmartChange Accelerator

– Program Designers’ Lab Moldova

– Decentralized Development Lab


Startup Haus Cairo

Startup Haus Cairo

Startup Haus Cairo is the enpact hub in North Africa and is central to of enpact’s activities and support programs across the region. It was established in 2017 with the support of DROSOS FOUNDATION. Startup Haus Cairo is home to workspaces, services, amenities, and dynamic collaboration with a vibrant community where ideas, knowledge, and inspiration are exchanged.

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“I think parts of the achievement was how that physical space has actually become the center for expanding the work of enpact to the region. To me, this represents how much this investment, this collaboration, acted as a true stepping stone to achieving much more than what we intended in the beginning of the partnership.”

— Wessam El-Beih, Country Director for Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan.

Key stats

  • Duration

    08.05.18 to present

  • Supported

    324 businesses (283 through programs, 41 in-house)

  • Location

    Cairo, Egypt

  • Partners



  • 41 businesses called Startup Haus Cairo home.

    Startup Haus Cairo hosted 12 entrepreneurship programs through which 283 businesses were supported.

    Acted as a central location for collaboration between international development organizations, entrepreneurs, and ecosystem facilitators in Egypt.

    Hosted 574 entrepreneurial and cultural events and established 32 local, regional and international partnerships.

SmartChange Accelerator

SmartChange is a three-year-long project that targeted the promotion of good governance and sustainable urban development in Jakarta. Within its framework, enpact implemented the Future City Accelerator and the Jakarta Future City Hub, which were targeted at promoting local economic growth in Jakarta with an entrepreneurial ecosystem that enables the development of startups and generates jobs.

“It’s always a challenge for early-stage tech startups to engage and connect with government-owned businesses and large-scale service providers. This program helped us accelerate connections and engagement, especially with MRT Jakarta.”

— Gerry Mangentang, CEO,

Key stats

  • Duration

    01.07.20 to 31.01.23

  • Supported

    110 entrepreneurs, 37 businesses

  • Location

    Jakarta, Indonesia

  • Partners

    SmartChange, Jakarta Smart City, MRT Jakarta, HypeLokal


  • Smart Change accelerator actively supported entrepreneurs to establish their ideas/solutions as marketable products, enabling them to sustain their businesses and employees.

    Women made up over half of the participants (52.73%.)

    123 hours of training facilitated.

    110 new contacts obtained by the participants through the program.

Program Designers’ Lab Moldova

The Program Designers’ Lab in Moldova (PDL Moldova) provided technical support for six multidisciplinary project teams. The goal was to enable them to maintain their operations, build strategic partnerships, and secure funding in the long term. The program was implemented in collaboration with GIZ Moldova within the framework of the SDG Innovation Fund, commissioned by the German government with the aim of fostering sustainable development in the Republic of Moldova.

The program helped us to create more structure for our project. The visualization exercises were very beneficial. Also, we are now better at presenting it and delivering its key messages more clearly. All of this helps us to better advocate our cause.

— Ana Popa, Representative of the Moldova on Bike project, Ecovisio.

Key stats

  • Duration

    01.01.22 to 31.12.23

  • Supported

    6 entrepreneurs, 6 organizations

  • Location

    Chişinău, Moldova

  • Partners

    GIZ Moldova


  • PDL Moldova contributed to SDG 11 by accelerating SMEs/entrepreneurs developing solutions that contribute to achieving sustainable cities and communities.

    83.33% of participating project leads were women. 

    100% of all participating projects developed a sustainable roadmap for continuing their impact.

Decentralized Development Lab

The Decentralised Development Lab (DDLab) is a twelve-month incubation and acceleration program. It offers multidisciplinary teams from different countries coaching, training, expert exchange, and financial support to develop solutions and maximize social impact for specific challenges.


I am grateful for the support by GIZ and enpact which is helping us a lot. Especially, their extensive networks allowed us to access many stakeholders that we would never have been able to reach, such as inno2grid, Hubject, representatives from Jakarta's Provincial Department, SUL E mobility in Kigali, and more.

— Shiddiq Sumitro, Co-Founder of Transisi.

Key stats

  • Duration

    01.12.21 to 31.03.23

  • Supported

    24 entrepreneurs, 4 businesses

  • Location

    Rwanda, Indonesia

  • Partners

    BMZ, GIZ, minds&makers


  • Women made up over half of the participants (58.33%.). One of the projects supported is dedicated to improving economic wellbeing of women, especially in rural areas. 

    31,500 Euros in direct financial support, 208,000 Euros as technical support package.

    4 partnerships between participants and government organizations enabled through the program.


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