enpact Consolidates its Activity in Latin America!

On July 13th, enpact and the City Council of San Luis Potosi signed an agreement in order to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the city. This agreement lays the foundation for future collaborations between enpact and the local government to promote the development of the city. 

The first step of this strategic alliance will be the construction of the Startup Haus San Luis Potosi, as a vibrant startup space for entrepreneurs in the region to find ongoing support, business resources, community events and access to a global network of peers, mentors and experts. 

Representatives of the municipality participated in the event, such as Mayor Xavier Nava Palacios and the Director of Economic Development María Esther Velázquez Esparza. This Memorandum was signed by enpact’s Managing Director, Jan Lachenmayer and the Mayor, Xavier Nava Palacios.

Mayor Xavier Nava Palacios emphasized the role of the partnership in creating opportunities for the citizens of Sani Luis Potosi. He stated that collaboration is the vehicle to navigate the difficult global situation and work together to support the growth and development of entrepreneurs in the region.

The Director of Economic Development María Esther Velázquez Esparza shed light on San Luis Potosi’s growing startup ecosystem,citing that the city is an excellent place for starting new businesses with active universities, business organizations and incubators. 

The event was coordinated by the Regional Coordinator for Latin America of enpact e.V, Marcelino Turati Gómez and joined by the Secretary of Economic Development in the State, Gustavo Puente Orozco; the President of CANACINTRA SLP, Clara Leticia Serment Cabrera, as well as the General Director of the Tecnológico de Monterrey campus San Luis, Héctor Morales Borja.

As part of our activities for supporting the entrepreneurship ecosystem in the region, we have analysed 5 Mexican cities that are included in our Startup Friendliness Index- SFI. To learn more about entrepreneurship ecosystems in Latin America, how they compare to each other and the rest of the world across different aspects, click here.

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