Tourism Recovery Programme Tunisia

The Tourism Recovery Programme, the third programme of the Empowering Entrepreneurship Initiative, launched in June 2021 and aims to provide support for travel and tourism SMEs and innovative businesses through dedicated mentoring, financial backing and business development support.

Following the successful onboarding of 315 businesses from Egypt, Mexico, South Africa and Kenya in August 2021, the programme is now extending its support to up to 100 businesses in Tunisia! If you’re based in Tunisia and operating within the tourism or tourism-related industries, you can now apply to receive support through the Tourism Recovery Programme. 

How does the programme support you?

  • 9,000 Euro

    Direct financial support to your team to sustain your operations through the challenges of the pandemic

  • Virtual Learning Programme 

    On Resilience, Innovation, Sustainability & Digital Transformation

  • Dedicated mentoring

    1-on-1 mentoring with TUI Group & Global Tourism experts

  • Access to Market 

    Support with global expansion and facilitating collaboration with the European market

  • Global Network 

    Access to an international network of entrepreneurs, business leaders, tourism experts, coaches and investors

  • Tools & Resources

    Curated tools, guides, podcasts, videos, and articles to support your journey through our platform

Your business is eligible to apply if: 

  • 3 key team members can participate in the programme per business, among them at least one (co-)founder or legal representative (You will need to prove legal representation)
  • Your business was legally registered in Tunisia between Jan 2004 and Dec 2018 (You will need to prove registration)
  • Your business was revenue-generating within 18 months before March 2020 and has been directly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic (Halted operations, employment loss, revenue loss, client loss, etc.)
  • Your business displays a need for immediate financial support as well as ability to benefit from training and mentoring
  • The business has an innovative component or approach in travel and tourism; this includes technological, environmental, and social innovations 
  • The business is locally owned and operates independently
  • The business is directly or indirectly supported by collaborations with the European market; these collaborations include but not limited to current or past partnerships, projects/initiatives, trips/experiences, clients, customers, suppliers, service providers, or supporters.

In the selection of participants, additional consideration will be given to encourage diversity and inclusion.

We are looking to support tourism & travel entrepreneurs in the following sectors: 

  • Accommodation
  • Food & Beverage
  • Destination Management Company
  • Recreation, culture & sporting facilities
  • Retail
  • Tech & Consultancy (Booking platforms, travel portals, support platforms, consultancy firms, agencies, events management) 
  • Tour operators (Experience & Adventure tourism, community & local tourism, educational tourism, entertainment tours) 
  • Transportation, booking & logistics

This is not a comprehensive list; if your business contributes to the tourism supply chain and is outside the above sectors, you are still eligible to apply.

Applications are open until Wednesday, the 27th of October at 11:59 PM (Tunis time)! Here are some tips from our side to fill in your application:

  • You can only submit once! There’s no option to save an application draft, which is why we recommend you download and prepare the application questions in a word document before starting the survey to save you time and effort. Download ENGLISH. Download FRENCH.
  • Make sure that you enter ONLY NUMBERS in questions that require a numerical answers (No dots, spaces, commas, or extra characters)
  • Note that the limit stated on questions that require a written answer is a character limit NOT a word limit
  • Start early! Avoid last minute technical problems by submitting your application well before the deadline (The sooner the better!) 
  • If you have any questions, please check out our FAQ sheet for questions about program content, legalities, financials, commitment, expectations, and more! 

If you are having trouble completing or submitting your application, please reach out to Please note this is the only official channel of communication to receive timely application support. Please make sure to always attach a screenshot of any error you may be experiencing with the application form with your inquiry. 


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