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Key stats

  • Duration

    01.03.2024 to 01.10.2024

  • Supporting

    75 SMEs in Ukraine

  • 500 Euros/month

    direct financial support


The aim is to support Ukrainian SMEs in adapting to structural changes brought on by the transition to clean energy along with war-induced disruptions.

  • Locations

    Lviv Oblast and Volyn Oblast, Ukraine.

  • Targeted SDGs


What is Just Transition through Entrepreneurship?

Just Transition through Entrepreneurship is a project that aims to support Ukraine’s green recovery and just transition in the face of structural changes, economic challenges, and war-induced disruptions by providing holistic support for aspiring entrepreneurs, existing entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurial support organizations. The project includes four tracks, open for aspiring entrepreneurs, established entrepreneurs, business support organizations and entrepreneurship ecosystem stakeholders. 

This track supports existing enterprises directly and indirectly related to the coal mining sector. By taking part in this track, entrepreneurs and business managers receive access to direct financial support, mentoring, training, and network development over a period of six months. 

Project is now live!

The Businesses Track officially kicked off in Lviv, on Friday, the 26th of April. 75 talented entrepreneurs from the coal mining regions in Volyn and Lviv Oblasts in Ukraine joined us online and in person for the first meeting of the program. Selected from 190+ applications, the participants’ businesses cover a wide range of sectors, such as information and technology, agriculture, wholesale and retail, manufacturing, education and more. 

During the kickoff, participants had a chance to learn more about the project’s structure, tasks, resources, and next steps and events. They also engaged in one of the key parts of the enpact program experience — active organized networking and idea exchange, setting the goals for their journey with the program.

Over the next six months, they will work together with the goal to contribute to Ukraine’s economic recovery and country-wide green transformation efforts.

What type of support does the project provide?

Financial support

of 500 Euros over 6 months per individual to assist with business expenses and personal livelihood support.

Training sessions

on business and personal development, such as sustainability management, scaling and export strategies, leadership and personal and professional resilience.

Networking events

with experts from Ukraine and the European Union. 

Dedicated mentoring

with local and international experts tailored to your business sector and current challenges. 

Market Access

Support in connecting with relevant potential partners in the European Single Market.

Support community

Become part of a global community of entrepreneurs across different sectors and levels of expertise where you can connect and exchange knowledge and resources.

Program timeline

06 March 2024

Call for applications launch.

31 March 2024

Applications close. Selection process starts.

April 2024

Official kickoff of the Businesses Track. 

April to September 2024

Training and monthly financial support.

September 2024

Graduation and closing event.

Learn more about the project

In addition to the Businesses Track, the Just Transition through Entrepreneurship project offers three further tracks that support aspiring entrepreneurs, business organizations and entrepreneurship ecosystem stakeholders respectively. To find out more about the tracks, visit our overview page.

Learn more

How does it work?

Take a look through the steps to find out what to expect from the application process and how to prepare. 

  • Review eligibility and selection criteria

    Download and carefully review the eligibility and selection criteria document to familiarize yourself with the program requirements. Prepare all documents/information in advance to make it easier for you to fill the application form. 

  • Sign up on SM Apply

    Follow the link to the application and create an account on SM Apply, our applications platform. You can sign up in English or Ukrainian. Once you have an account, you will see the option to “Apply” for this track. If you need support with the platform or the application form, please feel free to reach out to justtransition@enpact.org.

  • Fill out Round 1

    Once you click on “Apply,” you will be asked to fill out Round 1 of the application. You can apply in English or Ukrainian. This round focuses on eligibility criteria and should take no longer than 15 minutes. Upon completion of Round 1 your answers will be evaluated against the program’s eligibility criteria and you will be invited to Round 2, if eligible. 

  • Fill out Round 2

    If you are eligible to proceed to the next step, you will be notified and then have one week to complete the second round, also in English or Ukrainian. Here, you can add more information on your business operations, its connection to the target region and your motivation for joining the program. This is also when you will be asked to upload all relevant documents. This round should take around 15 minutes.

  • Join us for an online chat

    Your application is then reviewed by multiple experts from our team according to the four-eye principle. If your application is eligible, you will be invited to a 30 minute interview to talk more about your business and how the program can support you. 

  • Keep an eye on your e-mail!

    Following the interview, you will receive an e-mail with the next steps within three weeks. The e-mail will notify you if you are accepted, or share feedback in case we are unable to accommodate you in the program. Please make sure to also check spam.

Eligibility criteria

  • You are a founder or employed in a key position in a micro, small, or medium-sized enterprise (MSME) that is currently based in Ukraine 
  • Your business is legally registered in Ukraine with a registration date in or prior to October 2023, including registration as a private entrepreneur (FOP) 
  • You are willing to commit to further developing and adapting your business solution to continue growing your operations in Ukraine 
  • Your business has a connection to the target regions (Lviv and Volyn Oblasts)

Women, internally displaced individuals, and teams with a majority of team members being women or internally displaced individuals are given priority in the selection process. 

Helpful documents

Program partners

The ‘Just Transition through Entrepreneurship’ Project is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) and supported by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH. The project is implemented by the non-profit organization enpact. 

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